COMMENTARY: Community project focusing on the Delaware drug epidemic

There is a crisis in Delaware. Is it violence, shootings, drunk driving or distracted driving? The drug addiction crisis far exceeds all of these. The death toll is incredible. Nationally, 64,000 overdose deaths occurred in 2016. The economic toll is 504 billion dollars. Delaware ranks above the national average in overdose deaths. In 2016, more […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fiscal responsibility sought

Anyone with common sense and can manage money knows that if you decrease 19 school districts down to three, you will save money. They need to change the school tax law to anyone sending a child or children to school should pay school taxes whether you are a homeowner or live in a apartment. At […]


Wednesday, June 27 is National HIV Testing Day. When this annual observance started in 1985, there were fewer resources to treat a positive HIV diagnosis. We have made great progress in testing, early intervention and treatment of HIV. In fact, approximately half of those with HIV achieved viral suppression through lifesaving medications. Despite these advances, […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McGuinness for State Auditor

Kathy McGuiness is the person to support for the Office of State Auditor. The State Auditor needs to be a top administrator, manager and go-getter to uncover fraud and waste in our government. The job involves monitoring the finances in every government office to insure our state income and tax dollars are spent wisely. Kathy […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The real cost of factory poultry farming

Most people, when they go to the grocery store, pay a price for whatever item they are purchasing at the advertised price. But the people of Sussex County are paying a much higher price than people elsewhere for chickens. That’s because there is a hidden cost in raising the chickens here in Delaware. Many residents […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get moving on the highway

The speed limit on the Milford/Harrington Highway, between the first church east of Harrington on Milford/Harrington Highway and the first red light on it in Milford, is 50 mph NOT 40 mph! There is an increased number of people who do not read speed limit signs and are going 40 to 45 mph on the […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CPR class was appreciated

I recently attended a wonderful Community Awareness class last month on CPR and first aid. It was held at the Dover Police Department and was well received by all. Everyone participated in the class, which included practicing CPR on the mannequins and utilizing a training AED device. This class was offered by local elected official […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NRA’s contribution to mass killings

Bump stocks and high-capacity magazines have been responsible for most of the mass killings over the last four decades. These mass killings have doubled in the last two decades as well as the death and injury count. (Source: Violence Policy Center in Washington, DC.) Banning them could prevent countless lives from being lost in mass […]


This is your public forum.We welcome your opinions, which can be emailed to or posted online under the stories at The Delaware House of Representatives on Thursday approved two bills that would expand voting rights by allowing early voting and same-day registration. Both bills passed solely on Democratic support. They now go to […]

COMMENTARY: HB 460 would hurt the neediest of Delawareans

The usual suspects of corporate propagandists are at it again, disingenuously arguing for budget cuts under the guise of revenue stabilization. HB 460, supported by corporate lobbyists, is an attempt to pass a Grover Norquist conservative dream version of a “balanced budget amendment.” The proposed constitutional change would establish budgetary constraints to force the services […]