For now, Air Force One color scheme is up in the air

DOVER — Some notes and quotes between headlines and deadlines … *** It was somewhat of a curious-minds-want-to-know question.A reporter, during the first White House briefing of the Biden administration, asked, “On a lighter note, will he keep Donald Trump’s Air Force One color scheme change?”President Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, “showed bone-dry wit” […]

Pulse of Delaware shows rising poverty concerns

DOVER — Hopefully, you started your Sunday morning reading Page 1. Glenn Rolfe’s article kicked off some research into poverty in Delaware we have undertaken. Reporter Noah Zucker wrote a story about food insecurity for Monday’s edition.Several such issues, contributing to a sense of instability, have only grown during the pandemic.Here are four relevant statistics […]

The front pages of 2020

In 366 front pages, reflect on 2020. It was a time of uncertainty and a time of disruption. A year of disappointment and a year of division. Through these images, you will see the people of our state in the difficult times of a pandemic that claimed 930 lives, helping one another as neighbors do, […]

A timeline of coronavirus in Delaware

Updated Dec. 31 — 296 days after the first Delaware case of the coronavirus was announced. Check back regularly on developments covered by the Delaware State News. FROM THE HOME OFFICE – The dateline, as the newspaper business refers to the town in all caps at the start of our stories, was changed today to […]

WWII paratroopers, pilot leave historical legacies in Dover

DOVER — The Air Mobility Command Museum staff offered a special tribute recently on social media:A True American HeroJoseph MorettiniRIPThank you!He was the last survivor of the paratroopers who had jumped from the museum’s prized C-47A Skytrain during the invasion of France on June 6, 1944.In recent years, Mr. Morettini was one of two men […]

Can I stop wearing a mask after getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

Can I stop wearing a mask after getting a COVID-19 vaccine?Public health officials say no. For a couple reasons, masks and social distancing will still be recommended for some time after people are vaccinated.To start, the first coronavirus vaccines require two shots; Pfizer’s second dose comes three weeks after the first and Moderna’s comes after […]

Over-the-counter home test for COVID-19 gets US green light

WASHINGTON (AP) — The first home test for COVID-19 that doesn’t require a prescription will soon be on U.S. store shelves.U.S. regulators Tuesday authorized the rapid coronavirus test, which can be done entirely at home. The announcement by the Food and Drug Administration represents another important — though incremental — step in efforts to expand […]

US vaccinations ramp up as 2nd COVID-19 shot nears

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hundreds more hospitals around the country began dispensing COVID-19 shots to their workers in a rapid expansion of the U.S. vaccination drive Tuesday, while a second vaccine moved to the cusp of government authorization.A day after the rollout of Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus shots, the Food and Drug Administration said its preliminary analysis confirmed […]

Toy donations bring joy to Newshound, kids

DOVER — It was good to see Newshound out and about last weekend. Pandemic restrictions and cancellations have kept Newshound on a short leash this year. But she didn’t want to miss out on one of her favorite annual events – a Toys for Tots collection event. Last Sunday, she was at the Dover YMCA […]

‘Stuffed’ Thanksgiving edition will include sales flyers, puzzle booklet

Happy Thanksgiving! We have many reasons to be thankful and the list starts with readers like you. Your support and readership motivate and inspire us to continue delivering on our promise of community journalism throughout the year. We know 2020 has not been an easy year for any of us. And, certainly, we recognize our […]