Commentary: During these times, bless the bridge-builders

Counting down to inaguration By Eddy Seger It’s been a while since we left the darkness of this past fall. The 200-day Facebook countdown to Election Day I posted unfortunately came with a pandemic of epic proportions, partisan rancor, meanness, recriminations, falsehoods, division, talk of enemies, demonization and despair.  The promise of the ‘light at […]

Commentary: Biden team faces both challenges and opportunities

By Dr. Samuel B. Hoff The inauguration of President Joe Biden is scheduled for noon today. This article compares the political landscape facing the Biden White House with previous administrations since 1960 and offers advice for achieving success in the initial months of this presidency. Biden’s team takes office with the Democrats in control of […]

Letter to the Editor: Where is our country headed?

The events that occurred this month in Washington, D.C., were horrific. Storming the Capitol and trying to seize the building was absolutely and totally wrong. Anyone involved needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A scary outcome of that assault is that the utter hatred for Donald Trump by the Democrats […]

Letter to the Editor: Recent violence at the Capitol causes reader to ask ‘who are we?’

Our great nation has fought against extremism around the world since Day 1. We wonder how people in the Middle East could be so radicalized against Western culture. For centuries, they have been taught hatred against Christians and Jews. Adolf Hitler convinced his people that they were the master race and that they should slaughter […]

Letter to the Editor: Biden’s thoughtfulness to family won’t be forgotten

The late poet Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Thousands of Delawareans have stories about how Joe Biden touched their lives in ways they will never forget. Here are two of them. On Dec. 29, […]

Speak Out: Ten-digit dialing coming to Delaware

All residents of Delaware will have to let their fingers do some extra walking starting Oct. 24 — dialing out 10-digit phone numbers throughout the state, including the 302 area code, regardless of whether it is a local call. • So rather than inconvenience a maximum of 1,000 people in Selbyville by giving them a […]

QOTD: Have you attended a presidential inauguration?

Here is the Question of the Day: One more thing the pandemic has changed: Limiting the ability for people to attend elected officials’ inaugurations. Have you ever attended a presidential inauguration? On what format will you watch the today’s events?  Join the conversation below and see what others have to say! You can sign in […]

QOTD: Are you in favor of carry-out alcohol?

Here is the Question of the Day: House Bill 1 proposes to extend a pandemic-era law that allows carry-out alcohol. What are your thoughts on restaurants and similar businesses providing alcohol via takeout, curbside or drive-thru service? Join the conversation below and see what others have to say! You can sign in to World Table […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘No’ vote begs the question: Is this the Delaware Way?

There is an old adage: All politics are local. But there are moments in history when local politics intersect with national politics, and that moment came Jan. 14, when, in a single day of news, two men from Laurel were charged in federal court for their alleged involvement in the Capitol riot Jan. 6, and […]

Speak Out: Growing number of residents struggling with livable wage

Kim Webb moved from Florida to Sussex County in May 2019. Thus far, she is not living the high life. As a solo act — a single person with no children — Ms. Webb’s hourly wage ranks above the $6 per hour poverty rate for Sussex County and above the state’s $9.25 minimum wage but […]