Throw a Party with Ease: 6 Stress-Free Planning Tips for Success

Everyone loves a good party but planning one is often tough. That’s why it’s important to be proactive, have a plan, and know exactly what you want out of your event to manage expectations.

“When we plan events, we sit down with each client and get a feel as to what’s most important to them,” says Aurelia Pollard, owner and operator of Glitter and Gold Parties, which plans everything from birthday parties to corporate events to weddings across Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. “Some people like glitter, others are into bright colors, some people like a more sophisticated look. It’s all about customizing for each individual.”

Here are Pollard’s six best tips that will take the stress out of planning and set you up for the perfect party.

1. Create an invite list. The first step is simply knowing who’s coming. “You always need to know how many people you’re expecting for things like food, giveaways, and party favors,” Pollard says. “It’s always good to have a number of invited guests. Also, when you pick a venue, you want to make sure you’re not over capacity.”

2. Secure your entertainment. Are you going to want clowns, A DJ, a magician, or a moon bounce? Book those right away, and make sure they’re all scheduled with their own time slot. “Once you secure entertainment, it will be easier to navigate through your event and know what time everything’s happening so nothing overlaps,” Pollard says. “Make sure to put them in time blocks. That should be something you do in the very beginning of planning the event.”

3. Establish clear start and end times. Make sure you list those on the invitation, so your guests know exactly when to arrive and when they’ll have to leave — especially if it’s at a venue and not your own home. Make sure there’s a bit of a cushion so guests have time to arrive and get settled before any scheduled entertainment begins.

4. Create a realistic budget. “This is the most important thing,” Pollard says, “because a lot of times we have great ideas, but then don’t understand that those great ideas cost a bunch of money. I don’t think people realize how much throwing an event costs.” If you’re using a party planner, you can provide them with one number, and they’ll do the rest. But if you’re planning on your own, she recommends creating individualized budgets for separate categories like decor, entertainment, and food. This will help keep you organized and know exactly where your money’s going. 

5. Pick a theme. Finally, make sure to pick your theme early on — but keep it broad. “For instance, my daughter loves mermaids, so we did an ocean theme and put a lot of mermaids in it,” Pollard says. “If you broaden the theme a little, it’s less stressful, because it can be really hard trying to find such specific things. So, if you do an ocean theme and make mermaids the highlight of it all, you’ll have more satisfaction that way.”

6. Hire a planner. When in doubt, the best way to take the stress out of party planning is to hire a professional. They’ll listen to what you want, handle all the details, and help you stay within your budget.

No party is too big or too small for Glitter and Gold Parties. They can help you plan any size event — from small celebrations, corporate functions, community events and even weddings — while you focus on having fun. For more information, visit them online or call (347) 481-8365.