Volunteers the heart of Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity

Part of Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity’s heart and soul is our volunteers. We have three volunteer programs: our Build Site volunteers and ReStore volunteers.

Build site volunteerism is a place of opportunity for you to learn new skills, gain independence, and where you can work along side other volunteers and our partner families.

Habitat Heroes dedicate almost every Wednesday and Saturday to help us to build homes for our future homeowners. They are very unique and every one of them has their own story with Habitat and beyond. 

Dave, with a lion’s beard, is the one that is always willing to help. Kathy & Roe are our gracious teachers and saw masters. Howard is our kind and supportive handy man. Larry & Leslie are our Habitat veterans and impeccable leaders. Shelia is the sweet but fearless caretaker. Judy is the one that never fails to put a smile on your face. Jake is the quiet but informative worker.

Finally, Warren is our strong and fierce puzzle piece that holds the group together. We would be unable to complete our homes in approximately six months without this group. We are thankful for the endless support, love, and generosity that our Heroes continue to provide for Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity. The build site is just one piece to our volunteer program here at CDHFH.

Our ReStore volunteers help ensure our store continues to run in at its upmost greatest compacity. They lend a hand in daily activities such as processing donations, cleaning, organizing, procurement, customer service, and more.

We have some that we call our ReStore Warriors that have been continuing to make the ReStore a brighter place. If you stop by, you may meet Mike, Barbara, Judy, Joyce, Darlene, Susan, and last, but not least Suzanne.

When we made the move to our new location at 2311 South DuPont Highway in Dover, we had many changes take place, and we can not thank our ReStore Warriors enough for helping us with the move. Change is hard, but we are very grateful they continue to exhibit endless amounts of love and support.

In the end, Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity is supported by all our volunteers, and we appreciate everyone that has given us a hand up! Everyone deserves a decent place to live!

Interested in becoming a volunteer for Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity? Contact Dylan Grimes at 302-526-2366 x112 or email her at dgrimes@centraldelawarehabitat.org.