A Slice of Magic Pizzeria appears in Dover

Owners Lloyd Wilson and Dan Cain pose outside the pizzeria along Route 8 in Dover. (Special to the Delaware State News/Torie Seagraves)

DOVER – Since it arrived at the same time as a pandemic, you may have missed the opening of a quaint little pizza shop in Dover.

A Slice of Magic Pizzeria launched March 2, within the Liberty gas station on 5782 Forrest Ave. Owned by Dan Cain and Lloyd Wilson, it brings a combination of a love of magic and creating pizza and other Italian dishes.

Offering a variety of hoagies, pastas and appetizers, the shop’s owner said its wings are spicy enough to warrant contests for its heartiest customers.

“We said if you can eat 10 of these wings in front of us, then we’ll give you a $10 gift certificate,” Mr. Cain said.

“Unfortunately, due to (COVID-19), the contests have been put on hold as it would require dining in.”

Co-owner Dan Cain performs a magic trick for his employees using a hundred dollar bill. (Special to the Delaware State News/Torie Seagraves)

So far, Slice of Magic’s bestsellers are the “Spellbound” wings and its pizza featuring homemade Italian sauce.

“No one has my sauce. I learned it while I was in San Marino, Italy, and I add some herbs of my own concoction into the sauce,” Mr. Cain said.

Unlike other pizzerias, this new restaurant uses air fryers to address nutritional concerns. This healthy alternative makes the wings crispier on the outside, Mr. Cain said.

“It tastes like you’re sinning, but you’re not,” he added.

When it is able to allow dining in, the restaurant hopes to include live magic shows.

So far, the friendly wholesomeness of Magic Pizzeria has drawn those from Dover and the surrounding area, Mr. Cain said. He added that customers can always find a familiar face and a friendly conversation inside, even during these hard times.

“(The atmosphere) just comes naturally,” said Eliana Colom, a supervisor at the eatery.

With the growing concern of coronavirus and its impact on small businesses, Magic Pizzeria is finding the challenges manageable.

“I think we will be able to help others with the model of our business right now because of the fact that we are takeout and delivery,” Mr. Cain said.

“So, they need us to get it to them, we’ll get it to them. (That) has not negatively impacted us.”

Mr. Cain and his team are following the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by ensuring all employees wear masks and gloves, and are frequently washing their hands.

“We have a three-month incentive, where all of our employees have to obtain a certain level of hygiene, cleanliness, promotion (and) customer reviews, and they get a three-month bonus,” he said.

This potential bonus is not only to ensure customers’ safety but also to support his team during these trying financial times.

As another way to support the community, the pizzeria held a contest to financially help one of their faithful customers. The contest was held on its Facebook page and asked fans of the restaurant to share, like and tag others in the post to be entered for the raffle. The raffle’s winner, Jessica Marshall, was awarded $300, which she used to pay a day care bill.

“(We’re) a for-profit business so I don’t mind giving back to the community,” Mr. Cain said.

A Slice of Magic Pizzeria is at 5782 Forrest Ave., Dover, and currently offers delivery and takeout Sundays from 5 to 8 p.m. and Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The owners also are working on establishing a second location near the University of Delaware sometime within the next year.