Behind the scenes on Dover florist’s busy Valentine’s day

DOVER — With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the staff inside Jen-Mor Florist in Dover late last week was hurrying to make final preparations for one of the busiest days of the year.

“We do about a month worth of business in one day,” says Jen-Mor manager John Zimmerman.

In fact, to conduct such a high volume of orders and deliveries in one day, the longtime business on U.S. 13 intends to have 19 delivery trucks on the road today as opposed to the regular three. “Guys like to send their sweethearts or their spouse flowers to their business or office,” said Chief Design Manager Michael Zimmerman.

This surge of demand for colorful floral bouquets and touchingly beautiful roses throughout this time of year can primarily be due to the rarity of the gesture. “I think that flowers are such a popular gift during the Valentine season because flowers are like a luxury,” said Jen-Mor floral designer Susan Krabill. “To me they are the ultimate gift because a lot of times Valentine’s Day is the only time people receive fresh flowers.”

Additionally, as Valentine’s Day is largely a holiday that gives loved ones the opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation and gratitude, flowers are a powerful method for communicating those deep feelings. “Typically, red roses mean ‘I love you,’ white means purity, yellow means friendship, and pink represents sweetness,” said Ms. Krabill.

As roses tend to be the most popular flower throughout the Valentine season, Jen-Mor staff made it their goal to create a supreme quality rose specifically for the coming holiday. “The variety we have right now is called Freedom, and through careful conditioning they can last for weeks,” Mr. Zimmerman said.
Those roses, along with the vast majority of flowers carried at Jen-Mor come from all across the globe.

“South America is the No. 1 grower of roses and carnations,” Ms. Krabill said. “We get many varieties from Holland, California … and Kenya, as well.”

With Jen-Mor ordering a large portion of its supplies during the fall season, the staff tends to spend the weeks approaching Valentine’s Day consumed with the tasks of designing bouquets, painting vases and dethorning roses.

By completing those regiments, the staff at Jen-Mor is able to deliver for its customers today, surprising “that special someone” with this symbol of love.

Photos by Torie Seagraves/Special to the Delaware State News

Maureen Iplenski and Torie Seagraves are senior broadcast media students at Polytech High School.

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