Businesses look to open, expand in Milford

Holly Fry, owner of The Nook in Milford, says moving to her downtown location has been beneficial to the company. (Delaware State News/Jennifer Antonik)

MILFORD — Spring often means new life and a fresh viewpoint. In downtown Milford, it means new businesses and expansions for several local business owners.

Two new restaurants, The Pierogi Spot and Nancy’s Mediterranean Café, are hoping to open before the 16th annual Bug & Bud Festival Saturday, May 4.

“I have to make it for the Bug & Bud Festival, but I’m at the mercy of the health department,” owner Nancy Chirdon Foster said.

Her café, which will feature foods from southern Italy, France, Spain and Morocco, will take the place of Petite Sweets on Walnut Street, which closed recently for a variety of reasons.

“With the hospital coming, Nationwide, and maybe even (DE) Turf, I saw this as a great opportunity for a footprint,” she said.

The entrepreneur is not new to downtown Milford as she previously owned an Italian cooking school where My Sister’s Fault currently operates and a café where Good News came to reside.

“I’ve been gone now for, gosh, it’s been four years now. And I’m excited to be back. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity,” she said.

“Before, I had a full-service café; I cooked a lot of croissants. And we did lunch. It was a lot like Dolce. I did a lot of farmers markets, like the Lewes Historic Market, which is now really hard to get into. Then, catering became a big part of my business and I suspect it will become a big part of this business, as well.”

Along with food, she hopes to bring a strong Internet and social media presence to her work in downtown Milford, something she has not had to do in the past.

“It’s geared toward the young professional. I want them to be able to see the food online, order it and just pick it up. I also want to do events that support local organizations. This is what a community is good for,” she said.

Ms. Foster also plans on adding cooking classes and support for those working to manage chronic illnesses to her menu of services to drive a community vibe to her café.

Other businesses are working on joining the downtown Milford community or expanding their current operations.

Like Ms. Foster, Nancy Bohara hopes to open The Pierogi Spot by the time of the Bug & Bud Festival but is also waiting for the health department to come through with final approvals.

The Pierogi Spot will share space with Delaware River Adventures located at 21 NW Front St.

The Nook, formerly known as Novel Tea Nook, moved from its corner location to Walnut Street Dec. 1 and Red Bandana will relocate soon almost across the street from its current location to the store previously occupied by Jack Sheaffer’s store, Bikes, Etc.

According to Maggie Vaina Burger, owner of Milford Friends and Antiques, Lady Maggie’s Boutique will soon occupy the space Red Bandana will vacate, bringing with it designer glass handbags, along with high-end, period clothing and furniture.

“I think Milford is coming along. The [foot] traffic is way better downtown,” The Nook owner Holly Fry said. “If we could just get rid of the trucks and get head-in parking, it would be really, really nice. We have loved it down here so far.”

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