Dagsboro pleased with company’s donation of Town Hall roof

Dagsboro Mayor Brian Baull, right, presents a plaque to Tom and Tomie Morse, owners of Morse Home Improvement Roofing & Siding LLC, for their generous donation to the town: a new roof for the Dagsboro Town Hall on Main Street. (Submitted photo)

DAGSBORO — Trick or treat!

The town of Dagsboro recently received a generous Halloween surprise — a much-needed new roof for the Town Hall building on Main Street, courtesy of Morse Home Improvement Roofing & Siding LLC.

Dagsboro Town Administrator Cindi Brought said the town recently put the project out for bid. Then came an offer from Morse Home Improvement and its owners, Tom and Tomie Morse.

“We put out a notice for bids to replace the Town Hall roof, and after receiving several bids, Tom and Tomie approached us to say that they wanted to donate the supplies, labor and debris removal involved in replacing the roof,” said Ms. Brought. “They gave us one (bid). They gave us a value of like $12,500 for the bid. Then, they came in and said they would do it for free.”

Dagsboro Mayor Brian Baull and the Town Council graciously accepted this offer, and the roof was done in one day, on Oct. 31.

The old roof was in need of replacement.

“Shingles were off it because of some recent storms we had. We actually had a leak inside, which is one of the reasons we contacted them to come over and look at it,” said Dagsboro Mayor Brian Baull. “We were putting it out for bids as we normally do, and when Tom came over and looked at it, he stepped up and said, ‘Hey, I’ll replace for you for nothing — donate it to the town.’

“They did it on Halloween. They got all their people out there bright and early and had it done in a day,” said Mayor Baull. “It looks fantastic. It will last us for probably 20 years-plus, if not even longer.”

Ms. Brought was pleased with the quick turnaround.

“They did it in one day,” she said. “Then, they went down the street and did their roof after they did ours. They moved into town now.”

Morse Home Improvement Roofing & Siding LLC recently moved to Dagsboro, setting up shop at 33334 Main St.

The town offered sincere thanks to Mr. and Ms. Morse with a plaque at a recognition ceremony Thursday. The plaque honored Tomie and Tom Morse “in appreciation of this very generous donation and their ongoing community support for both the Town of Dagsboro and Dagsboro Police Department.”

The town publicized the donation on its Facebook page: “From the residents of Dagsboro, thank you Morse Home Improvement for a job well done!”

Mayor Baull said the company often offers support to the town.

“They are big supporters of the community, as well,” he said. “They do a lot of things. I know they’ll be sponsors of some of our upcoming events, once we get able to do Easter, Christmas and stuff like that.”