Downtown Milford Inc.’s executive director resigns

MILFORD — Friday will be Trish Gerken’s last day on the job supporting the city’s small-business community as the executive director of Downtown Milford Inc.

“I’m sad to leave this position because it’s so meaningful, but I’m looking forward to my new opportunity,” said Ms. Gerken, who has been serving in the role since September 2019.

Starting this academic year, she will be the public information officer for the Milford School District.

“I’m really excited for this new opportunity to work for the Milford School District,” she said. “I’ll still be part of the Milford community. I will still be engaging with the district’s families and the local businesses downtown.”

Peggy Reilly, DMI’s president, said that a new executive director has not yet been found.

“That’s decided upon by a job search committee that will be formed through the board,” she said.

Ms. Gerken said that DMI also has not identified an interim director.

“People from the board will be filling in until we find an interim director, and then, we’ll do the campaign for the executive director search,” she said.

Ms. Gerken, a 2005 Milford High School graduate, expects her permanent replacement to be announced in the coming weeks.

“DMI is great. I’m not leaving on bad terms or anything,” she said. “It’s just a really great opportunity that came to me with the school district.”

Ms. Gerken said she has loved her time with DMI.

“It’s such an important cause, and it supports local business,” she said. “Without Downtown Milford Inc., a lot of things wouldn’t exist.”