Electronic tax filing requirements for businesses

Beginning in January 2021, the Delaware Division of Revenue will require certain business tax returns, including most gross receipts tax, excise tax, and withholding tax forms, to be filed electronically. Payments for these taxes must also be made electronically.
The list of affected business taxes has been included in DOR’s latest Technical Information Memorandum. DOR expects to launch a new taxpayer portal before the end of the year. The portal will provide an enhanced taxpayer experience allowing businesses and individuals alike to file and pay their taxes electronically, and provide access to review account financials, set up payment plans, apply for business licenses and more.
Please note that the due dates for filing and payments will remain unchanged, and penalties and interest on underpayments will be calculated accordingly. For information and updates regarding the Taxpayer Portal, please visit DOR’s modernization website. Any questions or concerns regarding how to file your returns or make electronic payments may be directed to DOR_PublicService@delaware.gov or DOR_BusinessTax@Delaware.gov. Answers to most general questions can be found in DOR’s Technical Information Memorandum on Electric Filing Requirements: de.gov/ModEFile.