Frederica’s commercial activity taking on ‘new life’


Chaz Schmitt and Tony Amodeo carry a ice cream case into the new Frederica Quick Stop. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

FREDERICA — For a number of years, most of Frederica’s commercial activity has centered on the Frederica Pizza & Pasta House. In the past few months, several new fledgling businesses have opened their doors. Over the last month alone the town welcomed JHooked Towing Recovery and Auto Repair shop and The Frederica Quick Stop, laundromat and deli. Back in late October, a recording studio called Boatman Productions opened for business as well on 1 West David Street.

Town secretary and EMS supervisor, Pete Rager, thinks the opening of the DE Turf Sports Complex on Del. 1 earlier this year has contributed to increased interest in the town.

“Since the DE Turf has gotten ramped up, there’s been a new interest in property and pretty much everything in town — there’s some new life,” he said. “The mayor and town council has all been working together to stay ahead of the new people and new interest by doing everything we can to make opening a business in town easy.”

Frederica Mayor William “Chick” Glanden says the town has long needed a few staple businesses like a laundromat.

“It’s great to see a few new things opening up,” he said. “A lot of the residents will use that laundromat, and it’s nice to have a deli now too — not too much is open around here on a Sunday if you’re looking for something simple like a sandwich. The new studio opened right across the street from Town Hall. So we have some business popping up, and we’re looking for more.”

Both Mr. Rager and Mayor Glanden think that as DE Turf’s popularity grows and the Del. 1 overpasses DelDOT is working on are complete, the town’s stock of commercially zoned property might start seeing some development.

“We’ve already noticed that there is more interest in purchasing property here,” said Mr. Rager. “There’s actually an improved business park out on Frederica Road, just past the Water’s Edge development that’s commercially zoned and would make a good site for something. Part of the problem is working with the state on getting its own entrances, but once the Rt. 1 overpasses are done, we hope things get easier.”

Although there are some residents still not thrilled about the DE Turf, Mr. Rager says that most people are seem happy with the added attention their town gets with the complex’s schedule of tournaments.

The Frederica Pizza & Pasta House in Frederica. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

“On the whole, the DE turf has been good to the town and the fire company, they’ve helped support both and it’s obvious that they’re trying to be the best partner they can to us,” he said. Another area of growth Mr. Rager points to is new residential development that’ll likely add more to the town’s population — currently just below 1,000 people.

“It’ll be called Sophia’s Landing, and I believe it’ll have under 300 homes,” said Mr. Rager. “They’re going to be building it off of South Market Street.”

By no means a population or business explosion, town leadership is pleased to see development headed in the right direction. They expected Frederica to stay the small quiet town it’s always been.

Incidentally, that’s why Dameon Brewington, the owner of Boatman Productions, opened his studio in Frederica.

Dameon Brewington, the owner of Boatman Productions, opened his new music studio in Frederica in late October. (Submitted photo)

“The reason I decided to open up in Frederica was because its a nice, quiet town that has potential to grow,” said Mr. Brewington. “As an artist/producer myself, I know how much peace of mind can help. I want my clients to feel comfortable and be able to create without interruptions or distractions. This is the perfect spot for a recording studio.”

Mr. Brewington said he founded his production company in 2004 and after taking music courses with the Audio Institute of America, he decided to expand and open the new location. He specializes recording, music production, sound design, mixing services and CD duplication. For more information, visit

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