Full speed ahead: Harrington resident earns career car, cruise from Mary Kay

A Harrington resident has earned a dream come true for many – a brand new car after working hard to meet her goals with Mary Kay.

Independent Sales Director Tamra Klotz, owner of The Chair Salon, is now the proud owner of a baby blue Chevy Malibu awarded to her by Mary Kay after meeting, and exceeding, her sales goals.

Although she started with the company as a consultant nine years ago, she relaunched her business in January this year with no customers or consultants under her belt.

“I earned my car by selling the product and sharing the business opportunity with other women,” she said. “It’s a free car and they pay 80 percent of your insurance. It’s such an amazing feeling to get behind the wheel of a car that beautifully displays the Mary Kay name on the sides in chrome. My car is a reminder of not only achieving my own goals but the women I have the honor of working with in Mary Kay and the lives that have changed because of Mary Kay.”

She says the car is hers to keep for as long as she remains a Mary Kay consultant by both selling their products and sharing the business opportunity with others.

“Direct sales isn’t hard if you believe in the product and you believe in the company. I personally don’t look at it as ‘selling something.’ It’s about educating women, building relationships and helping women feel better about themselves inside and out,” she added.

Ms. Klotz joins more than 164,000 independent sales force members who have qualified, or re-qualified, to receive a career car since the program began in 1969, according to Mary Kay. The company states that more than 4,100 career cars are currently on the road across the country.

“Mary Kay has continued to provide a rewarding opportunity selling irresistible products and changing the lives of women around the world for 55 years,” Vice President of Sales for Mary Kay, Inc. Laura Beitler said. “The use of career cars earned by the independent sales force are just one of the ways our Independent Beauty Consultants are rewarded for their success. We are proud to recognize them for their hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to their Mary Kay businesses.”

As a businesswoman, Ms. Klotz said she understand the importance of good customer relations and turning positive interactions into positive sales, but that’s not what’s most important to her as she moves forward in her success.

“I truly love Mary Kay’s philosophy. God first, family second and career third. I love lifting women up and giving them hope. Due to an injury last fall, it was in my best interest to retire as a stylist in my own salon. So, Mary Kay has become my new vehicle to encourage women since I am no longer in a position to encourage women from behind the chair. I have also worn Mary Kay for nearly 20 years so why not get my own skin care and cosmetics at a discounted price,” she said.

She uses those ideals to help guide other women in their own businesses, she said, walking side by side with them as they grow as consultants.

“I am truly grateful God has entrusted me with all these women. You get to know one another, and you encourage one another. We’re not in competition. We are genuinely happy for one another’s achievements. We are like a big family, sisters. My girls are very special to me. I mentor them on ways to reach their goals and I match their effort,” she said. “After all, it’s their own business and their choice if they want to work their business part time or full time. Truthfully, it’s about so much more. We are there to encourage each other through not only business but life. It all goes back to the relationship.”

Ms. Klotz said her Mary Kay journey won’t stop at a brand-new car. Last month, she also ventured away on an all-expenses paid cruise with Royal Caribbean, paid for by Mary Kay.

“I am truly grateful for this opportunity to serve others. It’s about having a vision and then casting a vision for others,” said said. “It is evident Mary Kay truly appreciates their sales force. We are recognized in a multitude of ways. It’s an amazing feeling to pick up a free car. This means so much more than just earning a car. It’s witnessing women’s lives truly changing in more ways than one.”

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