Georgetown business is brewing: Revelation to purchase former 16 Mile brewery

GEORGETOWN — Change is brewing for business in Georgetown.

Not quite 3 years old and already a successful hit along the coast, Rehoboth Beach-based Revelation Craft Brewing Company plans to move inland with the purchase of the former 16 Mile Brewing Company in Georgetown.

Revelation on Nov. 30 announced expansion plans with the purchase of the 16 Mile facility, which abruptly closed the doors to its South Bedford Street business in September.

Launched in 2009 by Brett McCrea and Chad Campbell, 16 Mile Brewery had been a community fixture since it opened.

But Revelation leaders said this week they are excited to expand their success by adding a location in the heart of Sussex.

“The response to our beers here at the beach and beyond has blown us away and the growth has surpassed all expectations,” said Revelation Craft Brewing Company president/brewmaster Patrick Staggs.

“Rehoboth is our home and we plan to continuously improve that home and always offer our guests the high quality beers and comfortable experience they have grown to love. The purchase in Georgetown is a key part in helping us secure that goal for the future.”

Revelation’s plans for the Georgetown brewing facility include a full menu, outdoor seating and an events space area.

Revelation has targeted spring 2019 for its anticipated opening in Georgetown.

Georgetown Mayor Bill West, who has been in discussion and communication with Revelation’s ownership, welcomed the company’s revelation with open arms. He believes Revelation will be a perfect fit for Georgetown.

“I have been in contact since they (16 Mile) closed down, with other engineers and business people. Apparently, the word got out and it’s going to happen,” said Mayor West. “We finally found someone that wanted to take it, which is a good thing for the town of Georgetown.

“I didn’t want that building to just sit vacant. The new housing that we are getting in, across the street there, this will have a tremendous effect on young married people. It gives them a place to go.”

“I think it is very positive,” said Georgetown Town Manager Eugene Dvornick. “Nationwide and certainly here in Delaware, craft breweries are an important characteristic of communities and I am glad to see that the town of Georgetown —we’ve lost one, but we are gaining one back.

“One of the things that you hope it does is it attracts folks that normally would not come to Georgetown. There is huge following for craft brew aficionados. From that standpoint I think it is an opportunity for different folks to come and visit Georgetown.”

Mr. Dvornick also referred to the planned multi-family housing development near the brewery site.

“I think that is one of the draws that would hopefully entice some younger couples to say, ‘Hey, here is something that is pretty trendy,’” said Mr. Dvornick.

Mayor West said Revelation’s ownership is “very involved in community … very town oriented. They are going to fit right in with this town. It looks like we are on the same page. I think it’s a win-win situation,”

Revelation states that the brewery’s full menu on site will match the quality and variety of the beers to the culinary equivalents.

“They are going to have a full menu,” said Mayor West. “I told them that is one thing they needed out there. They agreed.”

The brewery’s grounds are expected to serve as a staging venue for Georgetown’s highly-successful Summer Concert Series.

“They are interested in having a couple concerts out there this coming year,” said Mayor West.

“I am thankful for what Brett and the 16 Mile team has done to represent Delaware craft beer over the past decade and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to build on that foundation in Georgetown,” Mr. Staggs said.

“The brewery was very well maintained which will allow us to bring it to the Revelation operating style very quickly.”

“Wait until you see it,” said Mr. Staggs. “We can’t wait to show off what we have in store.”

The town awaits Revelation’s site plan for the property.

“We are in the process of trying to schedule a meeting with them to discuss exactly what they want to do,” said Mr. Dvornick.

“We did confirm that back when 16 Mile started most of our zoning accommodates everything that they have requested.”


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