Letter to the Editor: Angola convenience store a risky proposal

It was with a heavy heart that we read the responses by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Transportation regarding the proposed gas station and convenience store at the intersection of John J. William Highway and Angola Road.

After reviewing the answers to questions posed by numerous organizations and members of the community, we were so struck by how ill prepared DNREC and DelDOT is to move forward with this proposal. Questions only half answered, no updated studies, a total disregard for the impact on the natural inhabitant and residents of the area made us wonder what was truly behind this proposal.

Unfortunately, the quality of daily life for residents and the natural inhabitant does not seem to be of high priority. It seems like building has spun out of control and no one knows how to reign it in.

An “anything goes” attitude seems to be the course for anyone who wishes to develop still more land in an already crowded congested area. If the residents of the communities surrounding the proposed convenient store location, don’t want or need the store and if it will severely impact, in a negative way, their daily lives, why is DNREC and DelDOT still pushing so hard for this project?

We urge you to please reconsider. This is not a small project that can be reversed. Once it is built, there is nothing that can be done to stop the negative affects.

Brian and Dawn Waltman
Angola by the Bay

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