Pizza Delight by Giacomo closes Del. 10 location


Pizza Delight by Giacomo on Del. 10 in Dover has closed its doors after 20 years. The
Del. 8 location in the Greentree Shopping Center will remain open. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

DOVER — After 20 years at their location on 150 Gateway South Blvd in Dover, Pizza Delight by Giacomo closed its doors. It was officially shuttered on April 27. However, the pizzeria isn’t packing up for good. Pizza Delight’s other location on 67 Greentree Drive in Dover will remain open.

According to the husband and wife duo who own the pizzeria, Giacomo and Vicki D’Ambrosi, the closure is due to a desire to downsize to a more manageable workload.

“Our lease was coming to an end and Giacomo is going to be 77 years old soon so we just couldn’t sign on for another five years,” she said.

Running the busy pizzeria had the couple constantly running back and fourth between locations throughout the week, she said.

“Up until a few months ago, he was still working seven days per week,” said Ms. D’Ambrosi “He reduced down to four day per week for awhile, but now that we’ve closed the Route 10 location he can take it easier.”

Pizza Delight by Giacomo has had a presence in Dover since 1972 when they started serving their signature brand of made-to-order, fresh dough pizza out of the old Blue Hen mall on Bay Road.

Eventually, they moved over to a piece of property near the main gate of Dover Air Force Base, but that location ended up being bought out when DelDOT built an overpass there, said Ms. D’Ambrosi.

The duo then opened their Del. 8 location around 1990 and the Del. 10 in 1998. Although they’ve moved several times, Ms. D’Ambrosi said they’ve always been pleased to have their customers follow.

“We’d like to thank all our Route 10 customers, everyone has been absolutely wonderful to us over the years,” she added. “We’re happy to see that customers are already following us again. There are a few groups that would always meet at certain times at the other location, and we’ve started to see them show up at the Route 8 location now.”

Although Ms. D’Ambrosi said Giacomo plans to retire, he’ll still help operate the Del. 8 location occasionally.

“He’s going to still come in once in awhile and help run things,” said Ms. D’Ambrosi. “They have a number guessing game they used to play every Friday over at the other location where customers could have their dinner paid for or get a discount — he loves doing that so he’ll do it at the Route 8 location now.”

Delighting customers
and employees alike

Velvet Bowen, of Hartly, who’s worked for the D’Ambrosis for more than six years at both locations noted that customers are drawn to the pizzeria because of her employer’s level of dedication.

“It was very bittersweet realizing all of the emotions on their last night opened,” said Ms. Bowen “Giacomo and Vicki put so much love into their business and rarely do you see that anymore. We have quite a few customers from the Route 10 store who have now made their way to Route 8 and it’s so heartwarming listening to all of their memories and kind words about being long-term customers. We are one of those places where when employees stay, they stay for a long time.”

Ms. Bowen herself says that even though she went on to earn her bachelor’s degree and accepted a full-time job with the City of Dover, she continues to work weekends at the Del. 8 location.

“I just can’t leave — I love the convenience of it and we have so many repeat customers that know me,” she said. “I’ve had a big weight loss journey as well since being there and I’ve gotten so much support and encouragement from the customers. It’s not just any old job there. It’s different.”

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