Proposal in works for new Millsboro restaurant at former Georgia House

A proposal is in the works that would bring a new restaurant venture to the Main Street property in downtown Millsboro that previously housed the Georgia House Restaurant, which closed in March 2019. ( Delaware State News/Glenn Rolfe )

MILLSBORO — An effort is underway to fill a commercial restaurant void in downtown Millsboro following the closure of the Georgia House nearly a year ago.

A lease/purchase agreement is in the works for a future restaurant venture earmarked for property in the 100 block of Main Street, according to Virgil Ellwanger, part of a partnership that owns the property.

“We have a potential buyer,” said Mr. Ellwanger. “Right now, he is into another project, in Delaware. What he is doing is he is leasing the property from us, so he doesn’t lose it.”

The lease agreement is for one year.

“There will be a purchase agreement fulfilled at the end of this lease,” said Mr. Ellwanger.

Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson said his understanding is the property is presently “under contract.”

The Georgia House restaurant, a Main Street eatery staple in Millsboro for several decades, closed its doors and went out of business in late March 2019.

“With this person it will be a restaurant,” said Mr. Ellwanger. “We’re being told that it is going to be a nice uptick-type restaurant. It’s going to be a little upscale, not fancy-fancy, but it’s going to be somewhat like The Georgia House, only maybe a little bit stronger. From what we are hearing and being told, it is going to be a really nice sit-down restaurant. We’re looking forward to it.”

Mr. Ellwanger had no timeframe on the potential opening of the Millsboro restaurant. It hinges, he said, in large part on the status of the prospective buyer’s other project.

“Potentially, they are going to have an architect, or some type of firm set up, whatever their design is going to be,” Mr. Ellwanger said.

“He has got another project going. If he were to finish that project ahead of time, the work can commence in the lease at any point when he is ready to start.”