Restaurants in Milford and Harrington ordered closed

MILFORD AND HARRINGTON — A Milford restaurant was ordered immediately closed after roaches both dead and alive were seen during a routine inspection by the Delaware Division of Public Health on Dec. 11.

The roaches in various stages of development were found in La Ortolana Pizza Restaurant’s kitchen and ware wash areas, according to a health inspection report. The full report is online at

According to the DPH, the order to cease operations resulted from “gross unsanitary conditions that may endanger public health.”

The restaurant at 215 North East Front Street was ordered “to contact a licensed pest professional to treat facility prior to reopening,” according to the report.

An attempt to reach the restaurant for comment Monday was unsuccessful.

A $150 reinspection fee was assessed for repeat violations from the last routine check on June 6, the DPH said.

A sign posted on the front and rear doors of the restaurant were to be removed by public health officials only. Reopening without prior DPH approval will result in fines up to $1,000, according to a notice sent to La Ortolana.

Other alleged infractions included, among others:

• Food left uncovered in walk-in refrigerator.

• No certified food protection manager on site.

• Employee beverages above food items which are ready.

• Food employees working in kitchen with food were not wearing hair nets or beard restraints.

• No sanitizer available in kitchen.

• Thermometer for equipment was observed as not present.

• No date markings of food items in establishment.

• Employee observed cutting celery with no gloves.

• Food contact surfaces not clean and sanitized – ice machine mold present.

Cordelion Diner in Harrington

A restaurant in Harrington was also ordered to close after a visit from the Department of Health and Social Services.

A cease and desist letter dated Monday, Dec. 9 addressed to Cordelion Diner in Harrington, formerly Stargate Diner, demanded the establishment close effective immediately.

“During a follow-up of this location after permit holder closed out permit, it was observed that this food establishment did not cease operations, nor did they have a valid food establishment permit,” the letter states.

The letter goes on to state that food establishments that do not hold a valid permit must close by law “due to circumstances that may endanger public health.”

Cordelion Lion management were not available by phone Monday. The establishment is closed with a note on the door and items blocking the driveway.

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