‘Romantic Superstore’ causing controversy in Kent County

Sarah E. Keifer, Department of Planning Services director of Kent County Levy Court, said a stop work order was issued Tuesday afternoon for the Bendover Romantic Superstore as renovations were being done without a building permit. It is located at U.S. 13 and Del. 42 in an unincorporated area between Cheswold and Dover. (Delaware State News/Marc Clery)

DOVER – A sign signaling an apparent business — Bendover Romantic Superstore — in the unincorporated area between the town of Cheswold and the city of Dover has spurred an online petition seeking to change the name and drawn the attention of Kent County.

Sarah E. Keifer, Kent County Department of Planning Services director, said a stop work order was issued Tuesday afternoon as renovations were being done without a building permit.

“We issued it this afternoon,” said Ms. Keifer. “Based on the photos our staff were able to take through the front doors, it does appear to be a permitted use violation.”

The online petition drive, accessible through change.org, seeks to “change the name of the store, keep our community classy.” The petition had 16 signatures as of Tuesday evening.

The business in question is located at U.S. 13 and Del. 42.

“They have no approvals from us. They have got no permits from us,” she said.

According to the Delaware Company Directory website – www.delaware-company.com – Bendover Romantic Superstore is the listed trade name, with a listed business activity as “retailer-tobacco” under a business name of GO 4PLAY INC.

If, as the sign might imply, the business was to deal in adult-type merchandise of a sexual nature, it would have to go through the conditional use approval process through Kent County, Ms. Keifer said. It would also have to meet several conditions in terms of distance from other types of land uses, Ms. Keifer added.

“But that is all speculation right now,” said Ms. Keifer.

Contact information for the owners of the Bendover Romantic Superstore was unavailable.

In response to concerns it and the town have received, Cheswold Police Department referred all calls to Kent County via the following statement:

“The town of Cheswold and Cheswold PD have received numerous calls from persons concerned over the new sign on the building at Rt. 13 and Main Street across from the Royal Farms.

“This store is not in the town of Cheswold and we are not responsible for the approval of the building usage or signage. If you have any further concerns you can direct them to Kent County Levy Court (302) 744-2305.”

Ms. Keifer did not know how many, if any calls, have been received by the Levy Court office regarding the sign or the business as of Tuesday evening.