The Outlook at the Duncan Center shuttered over unpaid rent

Earlier this year, Dover officials discussed purchasing the Duncan Center to serve as a new city hall. They ultimately opted not to pursue a deal. (File photo)

DOVER — The Outlook, the fifth-floor space in the Duncan Center, has closed, disrupting some planned events. Court records indicate the tenant, Cheryl Carney, was evicted Thursday for failure to pay rent.

Delaware’s database of the 1 million-plus registered corporations in the state lists an Outlook Events 2 LLC founded by Ms. Carney in 2017. Her LinkedIn page says she has worked as an event coordinator since 2008 at An Affair to Remember by the Carneys, which is also a Delaware limited liability company.

Per that company’s incorporation filing, An Affair to Remember by the Carneys LLC was registered with the state in 2008 by Orville Carney. Outlook Events 2 and An Affair to Remember share an address in Magnolia.

Ms. Carney is also the former mayor of Magnolia.

According to a spokesman for the Department of State, Outlook Events 2 owes Delaware $552.50 in taxes and penalties.

Outlook Events 2 is a successor to a nearly identically named company formed in 2003 and housed at the same place. The business was owned by Erin Cooper Barrett until she sold it to Ms. Carney a little more than two years ago.

Ms. Barrett filed a lawsuit against Ms. Carney and Outlook Events 2 in October, alleging a breach of contract regarding debts owed.

“As you can imagine, this is a nightmare for the employees as well as those who have paid deposits to Outlook Events 2 LLC,” Ms. Barrett said in a statement. “I have not been actively involved in the business for over two years. As much as I want to step in and save the day, it is not feasible to say that it will happen before the holidays.

“We are aware of some of the events scheduled and are in contact with many of the Carney’s employees. If I feel we can do right by everyone and do it well, we will move forward with new contracts for those events, but I am not in a position to honor the Carney’s businesses obligations.”

The Facebook page for The Outlook at the Duncan Center Facebook page remains under Ms. Barrett’s control and is the best way to get in contact with the venue, she said.

A message left for Ms. Carney was not returned Tuesday.

According to Tech. Sgt. Chuck Broadway, a spokesman for the 436th Airlift Wing, several units at Dover Air Force Base were forced to reschedule holiday parties as a result of the closure. While they did find other locations, they have not received a refund, Tech. Sgt. Broadway wrote in an email.

Constructed in 2003 and located at 500 Loockerman St., the Duncan Center mostly consists of office space, although its top floor is an exception.

A website for The Outlook says the venue has held weddings and corporate events, among other occasions.

“The Outlook is the largest of the three private rooms and can accommodate up to 350 people or more if you utilize the two adjacent meeting rooms. The room measures 50 by 115 feet with outside patios surrounding The Outlook offering extensive views of Dover,” it says.

“The Outlook has a grand tile dance floor located in the middle of the room, a built in state of the art sound system, and lighting that can be adjusted to your desired setting. This room is surrounded by windows, contains high ceilings, includes elegant decor, and is perfect for any occasion.”

A landlord-tenant complaint was filed with the Justice of the Peace Court 16 Oct. 7 on behalf of Duncan Center LLC. A trial set for Oct. 24 was rescheduled twice.

On Dec. 3, the court issued a notice of a writ of possession, following it up a week later with an announcement the top floor would be handed over to the plaintiff Dec. 12.

A request for a stay from the defendant Ms. Carney was denied, and the eviction was completed as scheduled, according to court records.

Earlier this year, Dover officials discussed purchasing the Duncan Center to serve as a new city hall. They ultimately opted not to pursue a deal.

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