Commentary: Excuses, brags and falsehoods about Trump

Beverly Monahan’s piece (12/26), “Eyes wide open when supporting the president,” reassures us (and her critic, Ken Abraham) that she is not loony, not hard of hearing, and “…more well informed than Mr. ‘A’ believes.” Here are some of my thoughts on all that. She excuses Trump for refusing to cooperate with the House impeachment […]

Commentary: What would Confucius say about Donald Trump?

The DSN commentary (“Impeachment hopes spring eternal(ly) for Democrats,” Nov. 21) by Beverly Monahan was filled with pro-Trump and anti-Democrat opinions that deserve to be challenged. Monahan refuses to acknowledge the case against Trump. The polls are running against him 54% to 42%, the performance scores on his promises are also very poor. Outcomes of […]

Commentary: Fairy tales being told at ‘failing’ Trump rallies?

I have heard a lot of “Failing CNN” and “Failing New York Times” and “Failing [everything else]” from our President Donald Trump over the last couple of years. I have observed parts of videos of a few Trump rallies, read quotes from some rallies, and read the entire transcript of Trump’s recent Dallas rally. I […]

Commentary: If the room is dark, it’s time to turn on the lights

Beverly Monahan’s Commentary (DSN 9/28) was well written but had this low-quality message: impeachment of Trump will destroy Democrats. My prediction? I am not making any bets but I will explain how Monahan’s piece is just an attempt to change the subject to let’s talk about “Trump-good” and lets not talk about “Trump-bad.” Sorry, that […]

Commentary: Trump’s fake trade deficit problem

A recent letter by Andy Andrew (DSN Aug. 15) and a followup (Aug 30) by myself discussed China, some reciprocal covert activities, the U.S.-China trade deficit, and Trump’s trade war. There is actually a little more to this story and it is important. And, I think many readers will be enlightened by the additional material […]

Commentary: Is the enemy really China? Perhaps not

Andy Andrew’s letter to DSN (“China is the concern” Aug. 15) started out by suggesting that China should be our main worry but ended by asking if we are hypocrites because the USA meddles in the affairs of other counties, too. I think it’s not so simple as that. On the meddling question there is […]

Commentary: We need health care for all in America

Patricia Frey’s piece (“The big scary ‘S’ word,” DSN 7/19) was very much on the right track with her discussion of the “s” word (i.e. socialism) and Medicare for All. I would just like to add some important clarifications and some specific focus. Frey tried to be fair in defining and judging socialism in the […]

Commentary: Mixed messages in response to president

Jack Hoban’s commentary, “Saddle up for next election” (DSN 6/20), was followed by Beverly Monahan’s response, “Republicans are not Tories” (DSN 6/24). We need to look again at what they each said. We have a clear case of some people seeing what they want to see and looking the other way if they don’t like […]