Commentary: US airstrike on Iran’s Soleimani was justified

Having critiqued the numerous negative commentaries regarding my views relative to President Trump, I take them as a compliment. Their distress indicates I must be doing something right. I will continue to do so. President Trump authorized the elimination of the top Iranian military forces leader, Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Soleimani was the head of the […]

Commentary: Eyes wide open when supporting the president

In response to the commentary article on Dec. 17 by Ken Abraham “Half Truths and Misinformation to boost Trump”, Methinks thou dost protest too much when critiquing my views concerning President Trump. I, of course, realize that his opinions do not coincide in any way, shape or form with mine on the POTUS, may I […]

Commentary: The inmates have taken over the House asylum

America is well aware of this sad statement but the truth hurts. The Democratic party is now being run by the most left-wing radical movement we have ever endured in our beloved country. The Dems truly believe they are now saving America from an evil tyrant who is now the POTUS. How wrong can they […]

Commentary: Impeachment hopes spring eternal(ly) for Democrats

Unfortunately, America must continue to endure the Democratic impeachment quest that is stated to be a search for their version of the truth that will, not to the Democratic liking, conclude in a negative result for all Democratic candidates seeking office in 2020. Currently, Adam Schiff is still running the coup. His idea of transparency […]

Commentary: Is there trouble brewing for supporters of socialism?

Bernie Sanders held a major rally of support in New York with his staunch ally/supporter New York congressional Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by his side. Could he ask for anything more? With the reassurances posted by AOC and her comrade from “the squad” Ilhan Omar standing strong with Bernie Sanders, all must be well within the […]

Commentary: Impeachment quest will destroy the Democrats

It’s deja vu all over again! The Democrats have been out to destroy our president as soon as he descended the escalator in Trump Tower declaring his Republican presidential candidacy. Of course, at that time, they really did not take him very seriously as their confidence in their favored candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, would be […]

Commentary: The policies of the ‘Fatal Four’ are disastrous

The Fanatical Four “Women of Color” as so they state themselves are dangerous to the survival of American democracy. These four women – Democratic House Reps, D-NY Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC); D-MN Ilhan Omar; D-MA Ayanna Pressley and D-MI Ilhana Tlaib have done nothing but spew the inner hatred they possess for America and the POTUS. […]

Commentary: Will Democrats allow America to move forward?

Now, at last, after two-plus years of investigation and millions of taxpayer dollars furnished to the special counsel’s investigation of Trump-Russian collusion the conclusions have been reached with the end result stating that “no further indictments are forthcoming in his (Mueller’s) investigation.” The Democratic leadership is deeply disappointed and aggrieved that the president has been […]

Commentary: AOC is Absolutely Out of Control

AOC has appeared relatively out of nowhere from the Bronx, New York. In actuality, her background includes her early years in the town of Yorktown Heights, New York, a northern suburb of New York City, far away from the environs of the Bronx, New York. What happened during her transition to promote the socialistic approach […]