Commentary: Balancing the pay scale for top Delaware officials

Are the salaries of top officials at our Delaware Technical Community College too high, or are the salaries of the top officials in the executive, judicial and legislative branches and other elected officials too low? It is a matter of pay equity for all top officials. During this past legislative session, the general council for […]

Commentary: Fixing problem of Delaware schools’ infrastructure

Deferred infrastructure maintenance in Delaware schools (currently estimated at a cost of well over half billion dollars) continues to escalate and spiral out of control! We need a new approach that is transparent, targeted to priority needs and includes a mandate of efficient and effective implementation, The recent controversial SB 50SS2 bill, pending signature by […]

Commentary: SB 50 is an ‘unprincipled slippery slope’

Delaware’s Senate Bill 50 would grant authority to the Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC) to impose a new statewide tax to endow a DTCC infrastructure fund. If that isn’t enough to get your attention, it would also grant them the authority to raise this tax as their “unelected board” deems necessary. An unprincipled slippery slope! […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware Sunset Committee needs more support

Delaware’s legislature needs to invest some dollars in itself! The Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee can do a lot more to help our state ensure our tax dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively. Their current work schedule is light and their results fall way short in comparison to many states. Our legislature needs […]

COMMENTARY: GEAR a great example of cooperation to fix state government in Delaware

Like many citizens, I spent a good part of 2017 concerned about the polarization of the elected officials that lead us. People that I respect, both Democrat and Republican, are putting party loyalty above state and country. While this divisiveness is the worst I have experienced in my lifetime, I am starting to be optimistic, […]