COMMENTARY: The inherent risks of sport specialization

One of the responsibilities that parents and guardians take most seriously is protecting their children from injury, whether it is buckling seat belts in a car or wearing a helmet while riding a bike. Families also can help their older children protect themselves from sports injuries simply by encouraging them to play multiple sports rather […]

COMMENTARY: The truth about sports scholarships

Many parents dream of their children landing college athletic scholarships by specializing in a sport year-round outside of their schools. While not every child will earn an athletic scholarship, there are many benefits to high school athletics that students can realize. In education-based high school sports, student-athletes are taught, as the term implies, that grades […]

COMMENTARY: Become an official – Stay connected to high school sports

They don’t make the headlines, their names are not in the box scores and they don’t make the all-star teams, but perhaps the most important individuals in high school sports are the contest officials. These individuals are so important that, in fact, there would be no organized competitive sports at the high school level without […]