From the Publisher: We’re here for you in this extraordinary time

In this unique historical moment, when everyone is struggling to understand the definition of “flattening the curve” and how to practice “social distancing,” questions abound and proliferate. Where will you find accurate and credible information about what is happening in our community? Where will you find an explanation of what steps the state health officials […]

Delaware State News staff adhering to strict CDC guidelines

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, everyone has questions about everything. All these questions essentially relate to how we can protect our families, our friends, neighbors and ourselves from COVID-19. Your safety, the safety of our employees, and of our delivery contractors are of the utmost importance to us. Some subscribers have called and […]

Coronavirus coverage free to access on Delaware State News website

The spread of the coronavirus and the appearance of COVID-19 in Delaware is the most important news story of the day. The Delaware State News is dedicated to covering this story as it unfolds, along with the ensuing questions about the unprecedented consequences on all our daily lives. We take our obligation to provide accurate, […]