COMMENTARY: Two needed school improvement programs in Delaware

Thorough, research-proven program and cost-effective information about these two needed programs has been given to the following elected and appointed state education decision-makers: state legislators; the governor, his appointed secretary of education and state school board; state PTA and Delaware State Education Association. All have ignored this valuable information I sent them as chair of […]

COMMENTARY: Our country is a socialist democracy

Sen. Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist candidate for president. Our state and nation are socialist democracies with a free-enterprise capitalist economy. Corrupted political operatives and corporate-owned pundits are continuously assaulting candidate Sanders as a “Socialist” as if this is something bad or to be feared. Like all of the other 30 developed, industrialized nations, […]

COMMENTARY: Sensible solution to adolescent sleep deprivation

Adolescent sleep deprivation is a very serious health and school problem for adolescent students in our state’s middle and high schools. A long list of research study reports, professional publications and articles are readily available online that thoroughly informs us about this destructive problem we need to correct before the beginning of our 2016/2017 school […]