Commentary: Modest investment will enhance Delaware’s future

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During these times of tumultuous policy debates and discussions, people often resort to abandoning facts and distorting truths to incite fear. They then use that fear to garner support for their arguments. Unfortunately, a prime target of this tactic in Delaware is Senate Bill 50, Delaware’s community college solution to a $100 million deferred maintenance […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware creating pipeline of skilled manufacturing workers

In Delaware, as in many places across the nation still recovering from the Great Recession, there is a common cry for more jobs. Yet in an economy where technology is driving incredible change in nearly every major industry, we must also address the skills gap. Consider manufacturing. At one time, Delaware was home to the […]

Community college answer to nation’s student loan debt crisis

Delaware Tech graduate Omosanya “OJ” Cole is feeling very confident about his future. As the Delaware resident told reporters in February at an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the SEED scholarship, “I chose Delaware Tech because of the SEED scholarship, and when I graduated with my associate degree in business, I was debt-free. I […]