Commentary: Woodstock again? Just let it go!

The effort to commemorate memory of the August 1969 Woodstock festival by holding another such event was understandable, but was doomed from the outset. For many reasons, the original cannot be duplicated. The main activity planned to mark the occasion was called Woodstock 50. Unfortunately, it was not at the late Max Yasgur’s dairy farm […]

Commentary: Moon landing’s achievements and challenges

As we celebrate the half-century mark of the moon landing, the event’s importance remains, as do challenges in its wake. This article evaluates both areas. There are a number of accomplishments to point to pertaining to moon exploration. From the standpoint of Cold War competition with the Soviet Union, the Apollo 11 mission represented a […]

Commentary: Independence Day and the lives of American presidents

America’s Independence Day correctly conjures up the fight against monarchy and unchecked executive power. Following the American Revolution, patriots realized the mistake of creating an initial national government without an executive. In establishing the presidency as a component of the Constitution, the framers forever linked the chief executive with our annual celebration of freedom on […]

Commentary: Trump’s policy on Cuba fails the smell test

The Donald Trump administration announced a change in relations with Cuba in July 2017, so those who have been paying attention may not have been surprised by the new round of restrictions. Still, the type and timing of the rules is suspect, such that it certainly seems like an early appeal to the base against […]

Commentary: D-Day 75 years later – Glory never fades

Above the Pointe du Hoc cliffs of Normandy, several United States presidents have commemorated D-Day anniversaries. Of those, perhaps Ronald Reagan’s 40th anniversary speech is most remembered. Partway into his speech, President Reagan asked the question of the courageous American and allied troops who landed, flew over, parachuted in, or served on Navy ships actively […]

Commentary: America must become member of International Criminal Court

For Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019, the United States should move to sign and ratify membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC’s purpose is consistent with American traditions and values and its performance is consonant with other international bodies which the U.S. interacts with. The history of the ICC dates to post-World War I […]

Commentary: Pa. moves up deer season, stokes controversy

As we celebrate Earth Day 2019 at the outset of spring, a recent announcement brings renewed attention to a late-fall tradition: deer season in Pennsylvania. As a way to make things more convenient for would-be hunters, Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) officials moved the start of deer season to the Saturday after Thanksgiving, up from the […]

Commentary: Three Mile Island 40 years later: Another turning power

In the early morning hours of March 28, 1979, the Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear power facility in Middletown, Pennsylvania went on alert as a result of a serious accident, one which was the result of both equipment malfunction and human error. The aftermath saw a near-meltdown of one of the facility’s working reactors and […]

Commentary: Civility ascendant: Washington’s 110 rules of behavior

George Washington’s life was greatly influenced by a school homework exercise which began when he was just 13 years old. He was apparently assigned the task of copying a translation of a 16th Century Jesuit treatise titled “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.” Washington not only copied the maxims, he lived […]

Commentary: Democrats should not fear competition

I write on the day when another well-known Democrat, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, announced his intention to run for president. That makes a load, with another group poised to join the fray. Most candidates have not expressed fear of one another, yet Democrat party officials and activists have undertaken a vicious campaign to […]