COMMENTARY: Are you ready for Election Day?

The 2018 midterm elections are coming up next month. On Nov. 6, 2018, members of the 116th Congress will be elected in states and districts across the country as Americans go to the polls in a beautiful exercise of “government by the people, for the people.” It seems such a quaint and regular occurrence that […]

COMMENTARY: What will America’s role in Syria’s conflict be?

It almost seems like déjà vu. Like just around this time last year, Syria’s Assad government has apparently used chemical weapons on his own citizenry and civilians, leading to horrific casualties. Just like then, the footage and pictures from the region are tragic and devastating. With roughly 70 people estimated killed and hundreds more affected, […]

COMMENTARY: Super Bowl LII amid a star-spangled controversy

On Sunday night in a chilly Minneapolis stadium where the temperature was reported at zero degrees with a wind chill of minus-14, the upstart Eagles, who had never won a Super Bowl until then, and five-time Super Bowl champions faced off in Super Bowl LII. It was a thrilling game that had a jaw-clenching conclusion […]