Commentary: History, good or bad, should be preserved

I am a history buff, always have been. I accept the history of this country regardless which side states took during the Civil War. I may disagree with their position, but I respect their passion. I have taken my kids when they were in school during their vacations to various states to learn the history […]

Commentary: The government isn’t coming after your guns

For a short period last month, gun lovers and NRA members began to circle their wagons. The Democrats were coming after your weapons, infringing on your Second Amendment rights, and finally the government is coming to take over U.S. citizens after they are disarmed. At least that’s what one gun advocate said at the Delaware […]

Commentary: Clearing the record on school referendums

I enjoy reading “Speak Out,” one of the first articles I read along with “Commentary.” I am baffled how many participants don’t do their research before commenting. Like the motor in their mouth starts before the motor in their head. A recent “Speak Out” centered on school referendums in response to the New Jersey transplant, […]

Commentary: There are alternatives to the wall

In response to Armand Carreau’s commentary “Who’s lying about the wall and immigration?” The answer; neither side of the issue. It depends on how you want to manage the immigration problem. We have a president who demands a wall in the “interest of national security,” $5.7 billion for the wall and he has added another […]