Commentary: Democrats’ stance amounts to treason

With the tacit approval of the Democrats, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN are extolling the virtues of a mass murderer. Make no mistake, Soleimani was neither a revered human being nor a masterful military tactician. He was a brutal killer who had no rules of engagement, and total disregard for the Geneva Convention articles. […]

Commentary: The continued evisceration of our Constitution

It is now apparent that the Democrats will do anything to overturn the exercised will of the people in the 2016 election. The first evisceration took place when senior officials of the Obama administration, with Obama’s approval, tried to pull off a coup against then candidate Trump, as they were convinced Hillary would win. The […]

Commentary: What happened to the Democratic party of old?

When I was a boy growing up in the southern tier of upstate New York, my parents, and most everyone in my hometown were Democrats. My mother was heavily involved with the Democratic Women’s movement and an ardent supporter of Hilary. Ma, how could you? To me, my father, most of my family, and the […]

Commentary: Is United States becoming a third-world country?

China just celebrated 50 years of communist rule. Fifty years from now, will we be celebrating 50 years of Socialist rule in the United States? We are truly on the cusp of a cultural revolution created by the Democrats as they are on the verge of destroying America as we know it. Their overwhelming support […]

Commentary: What could we become if Democrats get more power?

When I wrote my first submission for this paper in July 2016, “The Slow Destruction of Democracy,” I did not realize how quickly the Democrats would sink into the abyss of total party partisan politics after President Trump won the election. Since then, the Democrats have continuously fought the president by resorting to stonewalling and […]

Commentary: The absolute failure of Robert Mueller

After two years, and wasting somewhere between $25 and $35 million of taxpayer money, Bob Mueller’s report is finally out. Unfortunately, the report isn’t worth the paper on which it is written. Given the murky details of why the Special Counsel was even appointed, his charge was to investigate President Trump concerning collusion with Russia […]

Commentary: Will Democrats push country to socialism?

As we get full swing into the 2020 election campaigns, every Democrat-committed candidate has endorsed policies that will eliminate our democratic republic. Forget our Constitution, the Democrats, with their definition of equality and inclusion for all, believe our country is better off by destroying our current form of government. A lot has been written and […]

Commentary: Democrats riding ‘fast train to socialism’

The government is partially shut down and the Democrats now have control of the House. If that isn’t scary enough, it’s only 23 months until the next presidential election, and many of the Democratic hopefuls have already begun their campaigns. Unfortunately, every one of them is a progressive, read “socialist,” who speaks eloquently, but couldn’t […]