Commentary: Delaware taxpayers being shortchanged on leased-land housing

Delaware housing is at a crisis level due to the lack of affordable housing. The cost of housing is a factor in the yin and yang of minimum wage. According to Tom Koprowski, of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, who presented at the Housing Alliance Delaware meeting this year, stable housing is linked to […]

COMMENTARY: Bankrupting a Delaware economic piston

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At a recent State Senate hearing on SB 123, which would require rent increases for homes on leased land to pay for a capital expense be dropped when the project was paid for, a non-free-enterprise leased-Land community owner objected on the grounds he was entitled to a return on his investment. On the other hand, […]

COMMENTARY: Homeowners being drowned in own money

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When the Dover City Council reviews Chapter 66 on Manufactured Homes and Trailers this year, I have requested Licensing of Leased Land Communities. The reason is the same as why the city licenses apartment houses, the health and safety of the tenants. I call upon the state legislators to end the charade of protecting leased […]