Commentary: Liberals going overboard in trashing Trump

Seems as if I’ve been a writer all my life. Most of it has been technical jargon from a military base and the other parts are on outdoor topics that I’ve a bit of experience in. In that time, I learned that the only way to produce a good science fiction offering was to preface […]

Commentary: Gun bill turns lawful citizens into criminals

What does the Delaware Legislature do to earn $75,000 a year? I cannot help but long for the days when elected representatives in our legislature were of character and integrity to propose laws and guidelines the citizens wanted. Those were people who took their oath of office literally. Sadly, those days seem to have vanished […]

Voter apathy can’t be legislated away

As a conservative and a Constitutionalist, I find it bad enough that our photogenic governor has to have his mug on our pages 3-5 times a week, but for the paper to reprint what would have best been left on his webpage in the commentary section is simply nauseating. This guy has routinely proven that […]

Commentary: Gun-free zones could only work in utopia

Exploring gun safety from a realist’s perspective, I fervently hope that Dr. Jo Ann Fields [“Exploring gun safety from a medical perspective,” Opinion, Oct. 24] is a better doctor on physical issues than she tries to portray from a common-sense standpoint. Common sense obviously isn’t that common any more. Dr. Fields immediately launches into the […]