Commentary: Is the increased equity really going to the public good?

How can we make the best decisions regarding the raising of public funds and the use of those funds? This question comes to mind when reading about state authorization for Kent County and the city of Dover to levy a lodging tax to generate revenue. Recent articles state that Kent County funds will be targeted […]

Commentary: HUD funds won’t help majority of homeless

Most readers of the Delaware State News who noted Sunday’s (Feb. 10) article about HUD funds coming into the state to address the needs of the homeless are likely to be surprised at the large amount of money ($8,249,505) and to wonder how much is coming to Dover. Very little is coming to Dover. Very […]

Letter to the Editor: No easy answers to Dover homelessness

As one who works with those in our community who experience homelessness, I have read with great interest the proposals regarding panhandling as well as public comments. Clearly, there is no easy solution. Many people are now aware that those who are homeless cannot afford local housing. Some will never be in a position to […]

COMMENTARY: Positive first steps taken to address Dover homeless issue

Recently, Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen appointed a “Blue Ribbon Panel” charged with devising a plan to address the needs of the homeless in the city. The panel represented a number of agencies whose work touches those who are homeless, and interviewed additional community members who share the panel’s concern — including several homeless individuals. With […]

COMMENTARY: Empowering the homeless to take the next step

The term “homeless” describes a current and temporary condition for many and is not a characteristic of a person. It is a condition. Many people experience this condition for periods of time when drastic changes such as job loss and family breakups occur. Everyone wonders what it takes to change a person’s condition from homeless […]