Commentary: Common sense is in the eye of the beholder

This is in response to Dan Cannon’s opinion piece of Tuesday, Aug. 13. (“Gun violence demands immediate action”) I totally agree the mass murders committed in El Paso and Dayton were horrific. What I don’t agree with is the “common sense” solutions that Mr. Cannon proposes. What is very rarely reported is the carnage and […]

COMMENTARY: The Second Amendment in the correct historical context

This letter is in response to Mr. Douglass Miller’s letter of April 5, 2018. (“The Second Amendment in historical context,” April 9) There seemed to be several parts to his letter, most of which I agree with. However, when he reached his main points I must respectfully disagree. There is no disputing that what happened […]

COMMENTARY: Legislators receptive to NRA just ‘doing their job’

Saturday’s (March 10) edition of your paper carried a Letter to the Editor titled “Vote Out the Cowards Who Are Afraid of the NRA” authored by the chairwoman of an organization identified as “Progressive Democrats of Sussex County”, Joanne Cabry. The hypothesis for her letter is that anyone who votes to protect your constitutionally protected […]