Restaurants in Milford and Harrington ordered closed

MILFORD AND HARRINGTON — A Milford restaurant was ordered immediately closed after roaches both dead and alive were seen during a routine inspection by the Delaware Division of Public Health on Dec. 11. The roaches in various stages of development were found in La Ortolana Pizza Restaurant’s kitchen and ware wash areas, according to a […]

Storm surge ups beach erosion fears

PICKERING BEACH — Gwen North has lived on her shrinking backyard beach on the Delaware Bay for 20 years now. She’s worried that the recent storm surge has quickened the erosion that’s creeping ever closer to her home. “People come here from all over the world and when they arrive they can’t believe a place […]

Flash flood in Milford causes trouble

MILFORD — A flash flood crashed into Milford on Tuesday afternoon causing problems for residents, business owners and motorists. Water seemed to reach its highest points in the downtown areas closest to the Mispillion River due to the higher water tables, according to Mayor Archie Campbell. “Drainage is not well there. It’s the water table […]