Commentary: Fair housing no longer exists in Sussex

Please help me spread the word about the current housing crisis and the lack of fair housing opportunities for the working poor in Sussex County! I am seeing how those who are earning less than $21 an hour are being pushed out of Sussex County because of steadily increasing housing costs month after month as […]

Commentary: Homelessness in Sussex becoming chronic problem

How do I explain to Sussex County Council something that they have never experienced? How do I explain experiences of the working homeless to people who have never experienced homelessness for themselves? Here is my attempt at explaining something that council members have never experienced. Here goes … Sussex County has seen a boom in […]

Letter to the Editor: Poor are unfairly caught in prison cycle

I am an advocate for the poor and I think there are generations of families being subjected to economic poverty, struggling to find decent jobs, our poorest neighborhoods having two-thirds of their fathers either locked up or on probation. Children in poor communities are growing up without their fathers and entire families get caught up […]