Commentary: National Popular Vote bill renders Delaware irrelevant

It appears that far too many of our duly elected senators and representatives within our Delaware General Assembly have forgotten our history and our constitutional heritage. They have apparently forgotten that our United States Constitution is a remarkable document that has endured and served our country well since 1789. They have either forgotten or ignored […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware’s own right to keep and bear arms

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There has been much discussion in recent days about the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, what it means, its origin and its application in today’s society. One recent letter published in this paper opined that the Founding Fathers had no concept of today’s firearms or today’s society, implicitly inferring that the United States […]

COMMENTARY: NRA shouldn’t be a scapegoat for Florida tragedy

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“Scapegoat – A person or group bearing the blame for others”. — New Collegiate Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary. The horrible, unspeakable tragedy in Parkland, Florida was a terrible thing — no doubt about it. Seventeen senseless and avoidable deaths at the hands of a known sociopath — terrible, horrible and apparently preventable. We […]

COMMENTARY: Reflections on Scalia: the passing of a patriot

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By now, everyone knows of the untimely passing of one of America’s greatest legal minds, Justice Antonin Scalia. This column is not offered to eulogize this great patriot — others far more capable have already done so. Rather, the purpose of this column is first and foremost to pay our respects to a great legal […]