COMMENTARY: JFC, Delaware General Assembly leadership dropping the ball

I am getting very sick of the political games in Dover. Very sick. We have the Joint Finance Committee cutting programs left and right, with House and Senate leadership on both sides of the aisle continuing to bicker over raising taxes or having more cuts. We elect these people to do what is right for […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware’s pee problem

Teachers hear it all the time: “Can I go to the bathroom?” Now, if you had to pee, you would just do it, right? Unless you could hold it for a little bit until a more convenient time. But nature always wins this battle. Peeing is not a voluntary event. So, why am I hearing […]

COMMENTARY: Carney: Don’t be a Markell in sheep’s clothing

This is a plea to Congressman John Carney. You are running for governor in Delaware. You haven’t officially filed yet, but you announced your intention last year. In Delaware, it seems like a certainty you will win the election in November. With that being said, I have some grave concerns with some of your education […]

COMMENTARY: Get rid of Smarter Balanced in Delaware

The University of Delaware rendered a verdict on Common Core: We don’t care! The University of Delaware is now making SAT scores optional on applications. In other words, they don’t care what your SAT score was high school students of Delaware! What does this have to do with the Smarter Balanced Assessment? Last May, the […]