Oldest DSU alumna serves as inspiration

  DOVER — More than 150 people attended the June 12 birthday party for Courtney Stevenson, a testament to the impact she has had on numerous lives during her 102 years. With those 102 years comes the distinction of being not only the oldest living graduate of Delaware State University but also the oldest living […]

Firefly five-timers look back on festival’s growth

DOVER — The Firefly Music Festival turns 5 this year. It went from an audience of around 30,000 people and a few stages around the Woodlands of Dover International Speedway, to a sea of 90,000 people with a about 10 different stages, large and small, and attractions at every turn. Artists such as The Killers, The […]

HeadCount gets out the vote at Firefly

DOVER — Most people attend the Firefly Music Festival to enjoy the music, but the people of HeadCount have come to convert concertgoers into registered voters. HeadCount, a nonprofit, nonpartisan voter registration group, advocates democracy through music. They are located all throughout the country with a mission to give young adults a voice. The HeadCount […]

Food options plentiful at Firefly Music Festival

DOVER — The Firefly Music Festival has been filled with stages and attractions to keep 90,000 people entertained throughout the four-day event. Dozens of food and beverage stands with various menu options run along the borders of The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway to keep all of those stomachs satisfied. Fans can easily get their […]

Dover father-daughter dance aims to create memories

DOVER — Moms get a lot of attention, and not just on Mother’s Day, says social worker Natasha Simms. That’s not always the case with dads, though. “It is too often we see negative fathers in the media,” she said. “As a single mother, I’m celebrated all the time, but I don’t see single fathers […]

Delaware State University band director putting down baton

DOVER — Randolph Johnson says there are three things a school’s band must do for a student. “First, it has to make you a better person,” he said. “Next, it has to make you a better student. Last, and very low on the totem pole, it has to make you a better performer.” Mr. Johnson, […]

Galaxy Garden brings the Milky Way down to earth

"Wisdom begins with Wonder" is the slogan of the Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation in Smyrna. (Special to The Delaware State News/Doug Curran)

SMYRNA — Jon Lomberg explained the size of the Milky Way galaxy by comparing it to a Gold Dust Croton plant with stud-earrings pierced through some of the leaves. The leaves were covered with dozens of yellow dots that represented thousands of stars unseen from earth. The earrings represented brighter and bigger components in space […]

Dover man gets a kick out of rugby

DOVER — When Kevin Phillipson moved to America in 1992, he brought his thick South African accent and his passion for rugby with him. “I guess it’s always been part of my life,” he said. “I just play as much as I can.” Mr. Phillipson first played rugby when he was 6 years old. His […]