Commentary: For Veterans Day, what is the secret of America?

What is America’s secret? How is this country “exceptional” or “unique?” For this Veterans Day, let us consider this question. To my mind, Veterans’ Day is an even more important holiday than even the Fourth of July. We declared our freedom on July 4; we kept it because of the sacrifices made Americans on Veterans’ […]

Commentary: Coming together to heal’s nation’s racial divide

America continues to have a racial divide, and perhaps nothing is as important as a continued dialogue on how to solve it. What should be on the future agenda of those interested in civil rights and social justice? What efforts deserve to be prioritized? Prison reform? Reparations? School improvement? Black entrepreneurship? What are the success […]

Commentary: In praise of the ‘Greatest Generation’

We are not the “Greatest Generation.” Yes, it has not been easy for us in the 21st century, but it is not the same. We have learned to accommodate existential threats, hit and run terrorism, corporate greed and government corruption. We have struggled against these challenges, but a clear cut victory against any of them […]

Commentary: Delaware is ground zero for fight for 19th Amendment

March is Women’s History Month, and Delaware looms large in the fight for women’s franchise. There are many lessons to learn about this particular battle for the 19th Amendment but what, you may ask, makes Delaware’s role unique? Like many things, it all came down to a question of timing. After the end of World […]