Letter to the Editor: Thinning the herd

Assisted suicide is the first step in providing a means to “thin the herd.” Insurance companies will be salivating if this bill gets out of committee, is voted into law and signed by our governor. What would be the incentive for healthcare companies, Medicare or Medicaid to continue paying your health care costs when they […]

Letter to the Editor: Crash and burn time for the Democrats

Now that the Mueller investigation is over that was so darn boring and never really got anywhere, I’m getting excited about the new investigation by attorney general Robert Barr. I’d like to see James Comey and Peter Strzok be first up to bat. Probably we are going to get a lot of answers from them […]

Letter to the Editor: Support for Denman

On May 14, 2019, Delaware voters will have the important task of electing their district school board members. CR school district voters will have the opportunity to elect Dr Joyce Denman, a recently retired special education teacher and director of special education. Dr Denman displays a strong and balanced understanding of the current challenges and […]

Letter to the Editor: Guarding against foreign powers

I am a 96-year-old World War II veteran who was assigned to protect our national boundaries from foreigners invading or crossing our borders during the years of 1941-1946 President Trump is attempting to accomplish the same problem without full support and without giving up the lives of our military personnel. Why can’t the Democratic Party […]

Letter to the Editor: God’s little area?

Do you realize how lucky you are to live in Dover or anywhere else in the Kent County area? Look around the rest of the country and recall what they have witnessed. Mud slides, wildfires, severe drought, floods, severe storms, tornadoes, severe hurricanes, sinkholes, earthquakes, extreme cold, etc. This area may not be the most […]

Letter to the Editor: No means no for Indian River School District referendums

How many Indian River school district referendums do we need to go through to convince them that NO means NO. This past February the citizens voted No on that referendum and now three months later they are back again with the same redundant request. We voted no then and hopefully the voters will vote no […]

Letter to the Editor: Why the library kiosk at Five Points?

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As residents of The Villages of Five Points and members of the Friends of the Lewes Public Library, my wife and I greatly appreciate the benefits that are provided by a public library. We even looked forward to seeing a library in our neighborhood when it was promised in 2016. But we see a startling […]

Letter to the Editor: Overturn Roe vs. Wade

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This is in reference to Nurse Vasikonis’ eloquent lengthy commentary on April 14 regarding the efforts of the state and abortion industry to improve the safety of the abortion procedure. Unfortunately, during the entire message, she failed to mention this “safe procedure” kills a baby. In the 243 years since our country declared its independence […]

Letter to the Editor: People on the fence should consider Trump

Now that most people have made up their minds on the election, the people that are going to vote for Donald Trump and the people that are going to vote for Hillary Clinton, let’s all encourage the people that are on the fence, or just state they are not going to vote at all because […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On the divide of society – admit you’re wrong

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Truthful words from a truthful man. Of course, these words were originally spoken at a time of war, but I believe that they still hold significant relevance in America today in the Republican vs. Democrat, Conservative vs. Liberal, Capulet vs. Montague cut-throating gridlock that our American public has […]