Letter to the Editor: Regarding PETA’s meat and dairy ‘sin tax’ suggestion

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Regarding the letter sent by PETA on the ‘sin tax’ for meat and dairy sales. I recently spoke to a fictitious character on this matter whose insights I thought should be shared in response to the article. PETA suggested scientific data that for the sake of this conversation will be assumed true. It was observed […]

Letter to the Editor: Democratic debates

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When I saw the line of podiums at the recent Democrats debates, I was optimistic. That does not mean I am pleased with how they played out. In fact, I was angry. Here we had an outstanding combination of ideas and brainpower. Imagine a White House staff that really knew about finance, employment, environmental issues, […]

Letter to the Editor: Questions about commentary

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As I began to read Mr. Carreau’s commentary (7/7/19) I thought the writer had some good points but as I continued reading I changed my mind. Where did Mr Carreau get his evidence about how citizens view the federal govt vs the states? Did he make that up? He feels that “Get Out the Vote” […]

Letter to the Editor: Keep your eyes on the road

I am writing to express my displeasure with all the motorcycle deaths lately. First, a pickup took out seven bikers in New Hampshire. Now more recently a local husband and wife were killed on their motorcycle in the Harrington area. These are just two examples I know of. Drivers need to pay more attention to […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘I saw the sign and followed it’

Today will not only feature fireworks and barbecues, but also plenty of speeches by public figures celebrating and acknowledging our freedoms. But beyond the fabulous displays that stir bad memories in some veterans, the fireworks remind us of the hard won conflicts that resulted in the freedoms many take for granted. Dover’s Green features a […]

Letter to the Editor: A ‘distaste for immigrants’

It seems like only yesterday, although the year was 1980, when my Army Civil Affairs Reserve Unit was given the mission of processing and locating sponsors for the Cuban refugees at Fort Dix after the Mariel boatlift. They came over barefooted and in a few days, everyone of us had the whooping cough. When we […]

Letter to the Editor: What some babies are saying

Because of you there is no light In my world there is only night You robbed me of all things that would be fun I’ll never be able to crawl walk or even run You didn’t want me, so I had to die There is a lot of things that you didn’t even try Childless […]

Letter to the Editor: Mueller failure? My foot!

Frank Daniels’ DSN Commentary (6/6) said that the Mueller investigation was an “absolute failure.” My “investigation” of Daniels’ commentary says that his story might be best judged to be a propaganda success but would otherwise be a failure as a search for truth or justice. The political universe of reality has this important problem: ask […]

Letter to the Editor: The high cost of Dover living

So now the city of Dover is considering raising property taxes. Recently, the voters of the Capital School District also voted to raise property taxes, which is done and a different issue. But, to old Dover residents, this Dover proposal raises a few questions as well as adds to our burden. Didn’t the city just […]

Letter to the Editor: Marijuana myths

I am sorry to see so many myths and so much misinformation surrounding cannabis legalization. Per a recent UD poll, over 60% of Delawareans support it, and rightfully so. THC, cannabis’ active drug, is not physically addictive, nor does it lead to aggressive or violent behavior. Yet alcohol, which is physically addictive and causes many […]