Letter to the Editor: Are some burdens heavier than others?

The commentary, “Minimum wage hike would burden Delaware businesses” by Dr. John Stapleford and associate Justin Chan of the (libertarian) Caesar Rodney Institute, and the subsequent Speak Out comments, left out discussion of a number of related but equally important issues. First, Stapleford made reference to studies supporting his position but did not name or […]

Letter to the Editor: Articles of impeachment

If the articles of impeachment sent to the Senate do not contain two affidavits signed by eye witnesses under penalty of perjury, the Democrats have no case against the president because there are no witnesses. Which at that point the Senate must throw out the charges against the president, because no witnesses means no evidence. […]

Commentary: Wesley College should receive needed funding

During the last few decades, I’ve heard repeated comments about the demise of Wesley College in Dover due to financial issues. Each crisis has been averted, thanks to renewed interest in the success of this small college nestled in the heart of Dover. Now, Wesley appears to be facing another crisis, that is truly threatening […]

Letter to the Editor: Jordan issues apology

A few days ago, I used words I shouldn’t have in describing political opponents of the president of the United States. After much reflection and thought, I now realize my words were inappropriate. I apologize for raising questions about a people, a faith, and a culture whose beliefs span a broad political spectrum. No matter […]

Commentary: You are indeed greater than you know you are

“You are greater than you know.” This simple quote, attributed to various authors, is displayed in a prominent location in my family’s home. Every member of my family sees it every day and is thereby reminded of it. Every day. It was true whenever it was first said, and it is true now — for […]

Letter to the Editor: Opiate addiction

I am a addict in recovery now but it took me 14 years of treatment and being in programs that had rules that changed almost daily. Finally I had enough of the misery and a near-death experience but I made it. I’m writing this letter because we are hearing and reading about different states that […]

Letter to the Editor: Sussex development has gotten out of control

Dear Sussex County agencies, I have great concerns about the following issues: The unabated defoliation and assault on our environment in the Rt 24/Beaver Dam Road and Rt 9 corridors The rubber stamping by Planning and Zoning and the Sussex County Council is unprecedented. It is reported by DNREC that our waters are polluted, yet […]

Letter to the Editor: Be honest about Georgetown nativity

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Having been raised in Georgetown, and remembering the Nativity Scene Display every year in the Circle, it not only saddens me, but angers me as well, that the mayor would concede to the minority voice rather than the majority. The excuse of it being blown into the street is about as lame they come. The […]

Letter to the Editor: Biden’s conflicts of interest

We have all heard Joe Biden say, “I have no knowledge of my son’s dealings in Ukraine.” Listening to Marie Yovanovitch testify at the impeachment hearings, I noticed a huge problem with Joe’s story. Yovanovitch testified that before her confirmation hearing to become ambassador to Ukraine on May 18 2016, she was coached by the […]

Letter to the Editor: No comparison

Trump hate blinds common sense. How can anyone compare the Trump children and their involvement in running the Trump business for years and Hunter Biden’s lack of experience in the job he had? Let’s face it. He got the job because he is a Biden and the hope he could bring something of value to […]

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