Letter to the Editor: Overturn Roe vs. Wade

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This is in reference to Nurse Vasikonis’ eloquent lengthy commentary on April 14 regarding the efforts of the state and abortion industry to improve the safety of the abortion procedure. Unfortunately, during the entire message, she failed to mention this “safe procedure” kills a baby. In the 243 years since our country declared its independence […]

Letter to the Editor: People on the fence should consider Trump

Now that most people have made up their minds on the election, the people that are going to vote for Donald Trump and the people that are going to vote for Hillary Clinton, let’s all encourage the people that are on the fence, or just state they are not going to vote at all because […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On the divide of society – admit you’re wrong

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Truthful words from a truthful man. Of course, these words were originally spoken at a time of war, but I believe that they still hold significant relevance in America today in the Republican vs. Democrat, Conservative vs. Liberal, Capulet vs. Montague cut-throating gridlock that our American public has […]

Letter to the Editor: Disrespecting national anthem nothing new in the NFL

A few days ago, I read an op/ed in this very paper from another outraged and angry person. Their anger and outrage? Because of Colin Kaepernick’s protest and the NFL’s refusal to force Kaepernick and other players to stand and salute during the playing of the national anthem before the game. [“Protesting players ‘absolutely disgracing […]

Letter to the Editor: Whatever the name, West Dover Connector a mistake

Just because I moved away from the problems generated by the West Dover Connector doesn’t mean I forgot about the road or the injury it has done to the neighborhood of Rodney Village. Inasmuch as that housing development had its challenges before construction on the road began, the entire southern side of the village has […]

Commentary: Presidential health matter of national security

When a United States citizen files to become a candidate for federal office and the Office of the President, that person is required to submit two documents for consideration: personal income and periodic disclosures of campaign finances. Any requirement for details of the candidate’s health are not in play because this is considered an invasion […]

The flip side of the ’50s

This is in response to Harold W. Hurst’s [letter] “The 1950s in America were a better time,” Aug. 17, 2016. Although Mr. Hurst and I do agree that Hillary Clinton is by far the logical and best candidate for president, the 1950s were not the peaches and roses decade for everyone! It’s really funny how […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stow the political rant

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of angry opinions about the nominees for [the] office of the President of the United States. The entire period leading up to the nominations has been contentious and has left me feeling that I’d rather watch a murder mystery on TV than sit through yet another chapter of uncalled-for […]

Letter to the Editor: Is second city planner in Dover needed?

Yesterday, I learned from your paper that the City of Dover now has a SECOND city planner. [“Planning for Schutte Park’s future – City soliciting suggestions from Dover community on upgrades, amenities July 25)] Not long ago, we learned that our fair city had hired an assistant city manager, at some $114,000 a year. This […]

Letter to the Editor: Words and conventions

I stayed up until the end on Thursday night watching the Republican convention and enjoyed watching the commentator/pundit free broadcast on CSPAN. I started the week on Monday, flipping back and forth between CNN and Fox News, but I was totally frustrated by the constant interruptions. Thankfully, a friend of mine suggested that I switch […]