Letter to the Editor: Making voting easier for all

As a Delawarean attending college in D.C. for the last three and half years, voting has not always been easy. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the thousands of Delawareans in colleges across the state and country. That’s because Delaware is one of only 11 states that doesn’t allow early voting and requires an […]

Letter to the Editor: Sudler’s fact-free comments are irresponsible, inflammatory

Councilman Sudler’s irresponsible and ignorant statements that included a call for Silver Lake Park to be closed cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged by his colleagues on the City Council. I hope that the Council on Monday will publicly refute his inflammatory remarks to correct the record, and follow up with a public rebuke for […]

Letter to the Editor: Solutions to Sussex traffic ills needed

Recently, I proposed that the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) investigate the possibility of constructing an additional bridge over the Indian River to provide traffic relief in and around Millsboro. Southeastern Sussex County is the most densely populated portion of the county. Much of the traffic flowing to this region moves over the Indian River […]

Letter to the Editor: Get the word out on littering

I agree with Dave Moeller (Commentary, March 22) that the litter problem has gotten out of hand. And it has been for some time. There needs to be a massive public advertising campaign with the message that littering is unacceptable. This message should be taught in schools as well. The governor should ask the fast […]

Letter to the Editor: Pass ‘Share the Care’ act

I am writing in support of S.B. 27, the “Share the Care Act,” now under consideration by Delaware’s legislators. My 94-year old father was an active, robust family man. When various health conditions got the best of him, caring for him became complicated. Honoring my father’s request to stay in his own home was challenging, […]

Letter to the Editor: Steps needed to reduce litter in Delaware

This is in regards to a plague which affects virtually the entire state of Delaware. Almost no area or roadway escapes the severe litter problem we have in this state. Our roadways and parks look like we are mired in the depths of poverty. We need to take action now before we pass the point […]

Letter to the Editor: Keep Electoral College in place

The push to eliminate the Electoral College will take away the rights of the states to have equal say in a presidential election. Just imagine two or three states being able to elect the president. Los Angeles, along with cities such as New York, Pittsburgh, etc have larger populations than the states of Delaware, Wyoming, […]

Letter to the Editor: God is still watching America

Yes, God is still very much alive as well as being omnipresent, being everywhere at once. He is omniscient, all knowing and having infinite knowledge and He is also omnipotent or being all powerful and Supreme. God also has the power to wipe everybody and everything off of this planet with only one breath, but […]

Letter to the Editor: Anti-Semitism has no place in government

“A house divided cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln spoke these prophetic words in the late 1850s. They are just as true today as they were at that early time in American history. The watered down Democratic House Resolution to eradicate Hatred in America voted on favorably (407-23) on March 7 was an adulterated surrender to the […]

Letter to the Editor: Make people responsible

Regarding HB 63, I personally know of a couple living in Dover who were concerned that their teenage sons might get control of the pistol they had for home protection. Their decision was to take the pistol apart and hide the parts. Fast forward one night, they were awakened by somebody trying to get in […]