Letter to the Editor: People’s Place sends thanks

The generosity and kindness People’s Place experienced during the 2019 holiday season was astounding and the agency is grateful to each and every individual that helped make this time of year special for so many in need. Starting in November and throughout the entire month of December, local groups, businesses, families and donors of all […]

Letter to the Editor: Too good to be true

Got a phone call, verified name and address. “Congrats, you won first place in Publisher’s Clearing House, 3.5 million, are you interested”? Yes “Your confirmation number is CH005505 USA, also $5000 per week for life. An attorney will contact you and if you’re application is correct your get a bonus of a 2019 Mercedes-Benz We’ll […]

Letter to the Editor: Support Millsboro Public Library

2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of The Friends of the Millsboro Public Library. We’d like to thank the community for supporting our antiques appraisal event, our annual Book Sale, and our Dine and Donate events at Wayback Burgers and Blue Water Grill. These fundraisers help subsidize the library’s Summer Reading Program for […]

Letter to the Editor: What will it take for Democrats to wake up?

You can see the difference between Trump and the Democratic leaders. Trump took out a person who has killed hundreds of Americans and thousands of others and would have killed many more. The Dems, on the other hand, would let him go right on killing Americans and others. Again I say why can’t the Dems […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware GOP caved to the left

Once again, the Delaware GOP is saddled with a cowardly chairperson. This time it’s the otherwise talented Hon. Jane Brady who is repeating the mistakes of former chair Mike Harrington, who caused the 2018 debacle for the Delaware Republican Party. Brady ditched two hard-working party leaders who had the temerity to engage in free speech […]

Letter to the Editor: High cost of prescription drugs

Year after year, Americans pay the highest brand-name drug prices in the world. Congress, the administration, and importantly, our own Delaware legislators must take action now to cut prescription drug prices. My asthma medicines are eating up my savings. I take Symbicort which retails at $1,200 and Spiriva retails at $1,600. I take several other […]

Letter to the Editor: Afraid to face the reality of Trump

Just a gentle reminder that Donald Trump was not elected President. Hillary Clinton received the popular vote. Trump received the presidency by the outdated and useless Electoral College. The Electoral College was instituted when this country was in the early growing stages. The population of this country is well distributed from north to south and […]

Letter to the Editor: Three-headed Democrats

Beverly Monahan’s commentary is right on the money. (“Eyes wide open when supporting the president,” Dec. 27) People are asking whatever happened to the party of Abe Lincoln. The Dems’ donkey has grown three heads; one head to the left, another to the center, one-third pulling meekly to the right. Working vainly to steer this […]

Letter to the Editor: Starting school after Labor Day a sensible idea

When I return to Dover on Jan. 14 to start the second session of the 150th General Assembly, I will be introducing bipartisan legislation co-sponsored by the president pro-tempore of the Senate and myself to establish the first day of classes each school year to be the day after Labor Day for Delaware public schools. […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware’s anemic economy

The latest report from The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia shows that our state’s economy will likely contract within the next six months. Here are a few ideas for Delaware’s elites to ponder. First, we must markedly reduce the footprint of government upon the state’s economic landscape. How? By an orderly process of deconstruction and […]