Letter to the Editor: The condition of Delaware’s highways

The condition of its (Delaware’s) highways and bridges is critical to the performance of a state’s economy. In its latest Annual Highway Report (August, 2019) the Reason Foundation ranks Delaware 42nd among all the states in the condition of its highways. The Reason Foundation Report uses 13 factors to determine an overall rating for each […]

Letter to the Editor: What of guns already in circulation?

Dear Gov. Carney, I applaud your efforts along with other governors to address “sensible gun safety.” But I’d like to see an answer to the overall problem which I’ve never seen addressed. What, if anything, can be done about all the guns already in circulation? Wikipedia says there are 393 million guns in the U.S. […]

Letter to the Editor: Unions beneficial to workers

In response to Mark Mix’s commentary of Sept. 1 (“Consider the injustice of forced union dues”) where he bemoans what he considers the “injustice of forced union dues,” I would like highlight my experience as a union member in New Castle County’s Library Department. I have nothing but praise for the benefits my union representatives […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Rowe in Dewey Beach

Ever since the Dewey Beach parking enforcement was moved from the police to code enforcement it has been handled in an intelligent manner. That the town manager on his own or with the backing of several commissioners this year have made the decision to remove administrative responsibility for simple parking errors without providing instructions (example: […]

Letter to the Editor: Support Phil Rowe for Dewey Beach commissioner

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Philip Rowe brings a greatly needed, fresh approach to Dewey Beach. He has deep roots in Dewey and has the town’s best interests at heart. He is intelligent, talented, and has extensive experience in turning companies around in a positive way. At a time when real leadership is needed, we are fortunate to have a […]

Letter to the Editor: Biden unqualified for president

Joe Biden’s frequent misstatements may be an indication that he is lacking important cognitive abilities but if that’s not the case, the current example demonstrates another aspect of his mind that should disqualify him as a presidential candidate. The story about the service member who didn’t think he deserved the medal that the former Senator […]

Letter to the Editor: DE Turf needs evaluation

Before any additional money is given to DE Turf, there needs to be an independent evaluation of all the assumptions upon which the DE Turf is based. If, within a few years, the tournament sponsor fees can go up to $150,000, then why not up to $400,000 by 2021? DE Turf is on the wrong […]

Letter to the Editor: A new word for Trump

He’s done it before, and now he’s at it again! Promising a pardon to anyone breaking the law for his political purposes! It’s amazing, astonishing, disgusting, not surprising, and impeachable! Trump’s idiotic statements and cruel policies require a new word in the English language. It is the word which comes to mind every time most […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote Rowe for change in Dewey Beach

On Saturday, the Dewey Beach Civic League hosted a question and answer forum for all Dewey Beach commissioner candidates. In a word it was epic! Throughout the event, the incumbent candidates offered only platitudes and excuses, with an occasional apology for their reckless spending, ridiculous budget process, lack of effort in attracting new businesses and […]

Letter to the Editor: Impeach Trump now

Thank you, Congresswoman Rochester for changing your mind and joining the majority of Democratic congressmen who wish to impeach Trump. Nancy Pelosi is still persistent in not wanting to impeach. She is too focused on getting 67 votes from the Senate for conviction, that is step 2, focus on step 1. An analogy of this […]

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