Letter to the Editor: Why benefit just DE Turf?

Dear Sen. Paradee and Rep. Lynn: Why are you so active in giving away money to DE Turf per Senate Bill 178? This legislation you introduced is to tax all hotel visitors to Kent County up to 3% for the sole purpose of funding DE Turf activities. Why just this organization when we have so […]

Letter to the Editor: Of ‘illegal’ immigrants

There is a great deal of confusion about what is an “illegal” immigrant. The need to revamp our immigration laws and the policies on enforcing those laws is glaringly obvious. People get all excited when this administration says it is cracking down on “illegal” immigrants, thinking that dangerous criminals will be getting what they deserve. […]

Letter to the Editor: The big, scary ‘S’ word

Potshots are already being taken at Democratic presidential candidates’ calls for Medicare for All. Opponents just can’t seem to stop themselves from using the “S” word… the dreaded socialism… as a primary reason it’s a bad choice. And already the media (print, visual and digital) appears to be silent as if it’s an accurate definition […]

Letter to the Editor: Lodging tax questions

Sunday’s State News article, “Lodging tax hikes…” where Kent County and Dover plan on implementing a 3% tax each on lodging, with Kent County’s estimated $950,000 would directly benefit the Kent County Regional Sports Complex Corp. This is a self-described “nonprofit public/private partnership” that owns DE Turf sports complex near Frederica, and means that this […]

Letter to the Editor: Questions at voting booth

The next time you go to the voting booth ask yourself these questions! We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And to the republic for which […]

Letter to the Editor: A baffling proposal

The (proposed) Kent County hotel tax that will be provided to Delaware Turf baffles me. Why would the legislature enable a new tax that goes to a private entity? A new interchange was built for this venue then several hundred thousand to build a “Park and Ride” lot that can be used for “overflow” parking […]

Letter to the Editor: Decline of the Oval Office

Mr. Carreau, I read your commentary DSN July 7. (“The steady decline of our nation’s republic”) Look what we have seen the past three years in the White House — an investigation, multiple firings, resignations, all the books written by former staff members. As I read another newspaper’s editorial section, one gentleman said “This president […]

Letter to the Editor: PETA ‘sin tax’ remarks are not welcome

After reading the commentary of PETA, (‘“Sin tax’ on meat and dairy sales needed in Delaware,” July 1) first I’d like to say that Delaware has a very diverse economy. Next please mind your own business. You’re using the word “sin” for your benefit and out of context for its meaning. It is not a […]

Commentary: Conditions at U.S. border not a political issue

I have a 2-year-old girl named Callie. My wife walked out the door the other day and Callie wanted to go with her. My wife was in a hurry to run to the car and come back, and told me to keep Callie with me. Callie stated to cry and scream. This seems to be […]

Letter to the Editor: Earn the right to be here

It seems that absolutely nothing can be done to stop the never-ending influx of illegal immigrants. At least nothing that our irresponsible leaders are able to do. Common sense would dictate that when a country has homeless veterans, and children, their care would be top priority. Obviously, that is not happening here. On a daily […]