Letter to the Editor: Program would reduce crime

Educating inmates, all studies show, is the best way to reduce crime! This program – NewBoCo – in the Iowa Correctional Institute for Women in Mitchellville, Iowa should be in every prison in every state. NewBoCo will receive a $175,000 grant — and possibly more — from Google Impact Challenge Iowa to provide computer coding […]

Letter to the Editor: Reflect on, honor veterans on Veterans Day and beyond

On Veterans Day, we are reminded to reflect on and appreciate the sacrifices made by those who have served our great nation. Since 1919 when President Woodrow Wilson declared Nov. 11 to be Armistice Day, Americans have had a proud tradition of celebrating veterans and all they do to safeguard the freedoms we hold dear. […]

Letter to the Editor: Give them all glory

I have interviewed more than fifty WWII veterans, and helped them each write their story. When asked to pick my favorite story, it led to the following poem, in which each line relates to a specific veteran I have interviewed: From those whom I’ve met You ask for the best story I can’t say just […]

Letter to the Editor: Be aware as winter weather starts

The Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) is partnering with the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, NJ, multiple state agencies, the Center for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis at the University of Delaware, and the City of Wilmington, among others. During Winter Weather Awareness Week, participating agencies and organizations will provide information via social media and […]

Letter to the Editor: No free ride

What an interesting time we’re living in. Campaigning for the office of president is really going strong now and we can hear from the candidates what their plans for the future hold for us. I note that a great many youngsters are overjoyed by the prospect of free college and Medicare for all. If I […]

Letter to the Editor: The need for good, transparent government

I am challenging all of my colleagues in Dover to join me in reforming Delaware’s lawmaking process. I am asking them to join me in supporting rule changes that disallow last-minute votes on bills that have not been adequately vetted. I am asking them to support rule changes that disallow the use of “suspension of […]

Letter to the Editor: Misunderstanding comments about offshore wind

A recent letter to the editor mischaracterized comments I made in an Oct. 29, commentary published in the Delaware State News titled, “Beach view and economy under threat.” The letter writer assumed, incorrectly, I am an opponent of clean energy, and that I stated home prices would fall. I quoted a University of Delaware study […]

Letter to the Editor: Skipjack Wind Farm is a win for Delaware

In recent published opinion piece “We must protect tourism from offshore wind” opponents of clean energy are making baseless predictions that are long on fear and short on facts. A simple review of the facts from independent sources shows that wind energy projects in operation are not a threat to nearby home sale prices. The […]

Commentary: There’s a child in Delaware waiting for you

“I want to be adopted because I want to be able to have a place to call home and a family to be my family.” AH – a 17-year-old in foster care. “It’s a lot better to have someone to count on, be there for you, listen to you, and support you forever!” Lindsey – […]

Letter to the Editor: Leave no man behind

No man or woman can ever say they have maximized their God-given human potential. Too many human frailties result in who we are rather than what we could become. Hail to the military for their efforts to groom us to become good soldiers. However, it takes years to become the best we can be in […]