Letter to the Editor: Trump’s new immigration policy

Recently, Trump released his new immigration policy proposal. He wants a merit-based system similar to Australia, for instance. I have knowledge of that system, having been to Australia and talked to everyday Aussies and how their merit based system works. Also when I was in Zimbabwe, I spent 14 days with a man who was […]

Letter to the Editor: A closer look at the Second Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Read the first part of the Second Amendment to the Constitution: “a well regulated militia”; I believe this means that there should and must be laws in place […]

Letter to the Editor: In support of Woodbridge referendum

I am a resident and home owner in Greenwood, born and raised in this tiny but special town. I’m also the proud parent of daughters in the first and fourth grades in the Woodbridge elementary schools, with a preschool son who will soon be joining them. Though we never attended public school as children, my […]

Commentary: A physician’s perspective on House Bill 140

Life expectancy in the U.S. is decreasing for the second year in a row, partly due to an increase in the number of suicides. While experts work to decrease the effects of this epidemic, Delaware’s legislators are promoting assisted suicide, a policy that has been correlated with a rise in suicide even among healthy individuals. […]

Letter to the Editor: Common sense needed with gun laws

My father was a Delaware State policeman. As such, he would frequently do shift work — would be gone all night —doing his night shift. Whenever he was gone my mother, since passed on, would keep a pistol on her night stand to protect herself, her home, and her children. There are now legislators who […]

Letter to the Editor: Poll shows impacts of rural economy on farmers’ mental health

A strong majority of farmers and farm workers say financial issues, farm or business problems and fear of losing the farm impact their mental health, according to a new national research poll by Morning Consult. Other factors farmers deal with include stress, weather, the economy, isolation and social stigma. Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau […]

Letter to the Editor: Obama’s scandals

Vice President Joe Biden, on “The View,” said there was never even a breadth of scandal during the Obama administration. He must have been out of the country during Benghazi which left four Americans dead; the IRS scandal, which intentionally targeted conservative organizations; Fast and Furious, which involved the illegal sale of guns to drug […]

Letter to the Editor: Trashed Kent County

I have been living in Kent County since 1966 and it is a great county to live in, however the county has become one huge landfill. Most people are pigs as they litter the county roadside and in some cases even their own yards. Junk cars seem to have become the lawn ornament of choice […]

Letter to the Editor: Denman for Caesar Rodney school board

My family relocated to Dover in 1990 from Newark, N.J. Living in Newark (N.J), I has spent the beginning of my school years attending a private Catholic school, St. Columbus. It wasn’t until moving to Dover, in the fifth grade, I attended my first public school, William Henry Middle School. My second year at William […]

Letter to the Editor: Improved Dover Park?

The city of Dover is currently discussing plans for the future of Dover Park. This is the first part of a multi-year plan calling for renewal of the park grounds. Presently the city is considering plans for a new building for the park, as the second part of the park renovation. The Social Action Committee, […]