Letter to the Editor: Impeach Trump now

Thank you, Congresswoman Rochester for changing your mind and joining the majority of Democratic congressmen who wish to impeach Trump. Nancy Pelosi is still persistent in not wanting to impeach. She is too focused on getting 67 votes from the Senate for conviction, that is step 2, focus on step 1. An analogy of this […]

Letter to the Editor: ER chairs uncomfortable

I know that many who have used the Bayhealth Emergency Room would agree with me that the staff at the ER work to wrap the patients and the people with them in a blanket of caring, both literally and figuratively. However, they can do nothing to ease the discomfort of the waiting room furniture. Those […]

Letter to the Editor: Limit keystrokes

In response to the letter published on limiting ammunition. The author states that mass shooters stockpile ammunition. I contend that while mass shooters might stockpile ammunition, not everyone who stockpiles ammunition is a mass shooter. In other words, stockpiling ammunition is not a “tell” of a mass shooter. Ergo, his idea wouldn’t work. I suggest […]

Letter to the Editor: A lack of empathy

Max Carver said, “Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It’s the impetus for creating change.“ Sadly, in America, we have a crisis of a lack of empathy for one another. We see it in the racism, misogyny, xenophobia and homophobia that has reared its ugly head in startling ways […]

Letter to the Editor: Limit ammunition

A common thread element in most, if not all mass shootings, is ammunition. In nearly every case, the shooter will amass a stockpile of bullets, enough for a protracted siege, but usually gathered by law enforcement after the killings. The federal government should enact a law stipulating the number of bullets which can be acquired, […]

Letter to the Editor: Many school supplies derive from agriculture

Summer vacation is ending. It’s time for the kids to go back to school. As you fill your shopping cart or your child’s backpack with all the items needed for the school year, perhaps you can make it a learning experience. How many of the “must haves” were made possible because of agriculture? •Pencils, paper, […]

Letter to the Editor: Let’s all ask!

More shootings (El Paso and Dayton), tragedy in our land again! The words “domestic terrorism” are now commonly part of the news. This is a crisis in our own land. We spend $750 billion a year on our military to fight for us over there so that we should enjoy peace, safety, and have a […]

Letter to the Editor: Group worked tirelessly for Ellendale clean water

We, the members of the Ellendale Civic and Community Improvement Association (ECCIA) are grateful for the coverage of the Clean Water Project in Ellendale. The Sunday, Aug. 11 edition of the Delaware State News reported the Delaware Public Service Commission approved the certificate of public convenience and necessity application for Sussex County to provide water […]

Letter to the Editor: Rewriting history

Regarding Frank Calio’s commentary “History, good or bad, should be preserved,” (Aug. 12) Mr. Calio seems to be confused about a number of things. The only way the war would have “… gone the other way…” was if George McClellan had won the presidency in the 1864 election. He ran on a platform of stopping […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘No-kill’ state nothing to be celebrated

The announcement that Delaware is a “no-kill” state isn’t the cause for celebration that it may appear to be. Delaware’s sheltering system, if you can call it that, has gone downhill at breakneck speed in recent years, leaving animals off of euthanasia statistics but suffering and dying on the streets instead. Because of fanatical pressure […]