Letter to the Editor: Who remembers?

Now seventy-five years But who still remembers The B17s, and the B24s And their gallant crew members? Pearl Harbor and so it starts POWs and Purple Hearts Soldiers and tanks Sailors and Yanks. Enlisted or drafted or ASTP, Many awarded the C I B. SONAR and RADAR, FUBAR, SNAFU, The names and places, the jargon […]

Letter to the Editor: Enforce the current laws

It is amazing that Democrats are so upset that some of their elected officials support pro gun instead of gun control. These people were elected to vote for the wishes of their supporters, not the agenda of the party. As far as the Democrats saying there is majority support for anti-gun measures, why do they […]

Letter to the Editor: Restoring Delaware’s senior tax credit

House Bill 37 was submitted to the General Assembly on Jan. 10. This bill restores the senior tax credit to its $500 amount that was reduced two years ago. It is a simple bill that restores $100 to the senior tax credit that has been there for years. The state decided during that time period […]

Letter to the Editor: Amendments still valid

If Mr. Steve Swierczek (“A closer look at the Second Amendment,” May 21) thinks the Second Amendment only pertains to the arms of the day then so does the First Amendment. He should throw out his computer and ballpoint pen, gather firewood for his fireplace, and turn off his electricity. He should only use parchment […]

Letter to the Editor: Women should celebrate 100 years of right to vote

Please help us remind others that June 4 is a date for women across the U.S. to celebrate. One hundred years ago, on June 4, 1919, the U.S. Senate finally passed the 19th Amendment allowing women to vote and thus began the process of ratification needed by at least 36 states. On June 4, of […]

Letter to the Editor: Straight facts about marijuana and driving

Concerns with regard to marijuana’s potential adverse impact on driving performance must be placed in proper context. (Commentary: “Marijuana jeopardizes highway safety,” May 24) First, it should be stressed that driving under the influence of marijuana is already a criminal offense in Delaware. Doing so will remain a criminal traffic safety violation when the state […]

Letter to the Editor: Getting a charge out of electric vehicles

Your letter writer James Webster, May 10 “A few more words on electric vehicles,” had some good points to make about electric vehicles and charging. Yes, it is great that there are more and more public chargers, either fast or very fast. Most of them provide free electricity, like at retail shopping malls. Beat that […]

Letter to the Editor: This could be huge

Pray that the attorneys suing drug makers and distributors win billions of dollars, to send a very clear message. You killed thousands of our children, and we will not stand silent! Although 13 companies were initially listed as defendants, pre-trial settlements (with details in many cases “swept under the carpet” by confidentiality agreements) now left […]

Letter to the Editor: Against legal marijuana

Totally against it accept for strictly medical cures. How much have the long-term effects of use of marijuana been published? A My brother died from a series of mini-strokes from a long-term use. The Journal of Medicine stated that long-term use of it contributes to strokes/death. I rest my case. Hope the governor sticks to […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘Farcical interpretation’

Mr. Swierczek (“A closer look at the Second Amendment” Letter to the Editor, May 22) is reading from the tomb of the gun control lobby. It’s the same farcical interpretation we’ve heard thousands of times. When the Founding Fathers wrote this, the arms they entrusted to the citizenry were the exact same arms that had […]