Letter to the Editor: Why shootings are the norm

In many neighborhoods in America, shootings are the norm, violence is endemic. In my home state, Delaware, not a month goes by without reading about some new “task force,” “forum” “committee” or the like to discuss this awful problem. With headlines like one 2 inches high saying “Anguished mother asks: “Who’s next?,” we can feel […]

Letter to the Editor: The high cost of Rx drugs

Year after year, Americans pay the highest brand-name drug prices in the world. Congress, the Administration, and importantly, our own Delaware legislators must take action now to cut prescription drug prices. I recently had some challenges with an eye drop medication that I need to treat my glaucoma. The drug company set the price so […]

Social Commentary: Debate and Trump’s lewd comments

Delaware State News readers’ opinions and idea are valued. We regularly scan social media for its value as a public forum. Here are a selection of comments gathered from Facebook. Post your comments at DelawareStateNews.net or www.Facebook.com/DelawareStateNews. Debate reactions •”She is going to bash Donald Trump for what he said….but isn’t that what her husband […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The need for recall provisions in Delaware

The Preamble of the Delaware Constitution explicitly states that all government power ultimately stems from the people. This simply means that government is a public trust, and our elected officials are our servants and not our masters. The question arises as to what remedies are available to the people if an elected official seriously violates […]