Commentary: Playing politics around the border wall

The question is: How much does the average American care about the government shutdown? All the political junkies inside the Capital Beltway are having a conniption. Are you? For example, did you plan to visit the National Zoo this week to see the pandas? No? Or did you plan to visit some national park this […]

Commentary: Bush forged his own path in politics

They used to be called the “eastern-establishment Republicans.” This breed doesn’t exist anymore. George H.W. Bush was an eastern-establishment Republican, except that he was from Texas. When Bush went to Texas with Barbara and baby George W. after graduating Yale, he would be among the first of the newer type of Republican there. Until 1960, […]

COMMENTARY: Disrupting the majority on the Supreme Court

This should be simple, right? We simply increase the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, and then the progressives/liberals/Democrats will maintain their majority on the court, as they have, more or less, since the 1950s. And yes, this is legally and constitutionally possible. That is because the U.S. Constitution doesn’t say how many […]

COMMENTARY: Kavanaugh flap may have lasting effect on Supreme Court

It’s too early to know what will become of the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. But we should fear for the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. On the one hand, the testimony of women who make accusations of sexual misconduct often are credible simply because of how difficult it is for such women to go […]

COMMENTARY: New rules to ‘save’ Obamacare not what doctor ordered

Will Trinidad Navarro follow New York’s lead? Seems the various state insurance commissioners held a convention the other week. The interesting outcome was that some of those commissioners, mostly Democrats no doubt, vowed to “save” Obamacare by enacting new rules. The new rules would be intended to frustrate President Trump’s attempts to undo some of […]

COMMENTARY: Is NATO relevant in these times?

What’s NATO’s mission these days? All those folks wringing their hands and wailing big tears over what President Trump said in Brussels last week should explain exactly why it is that we spend so much time and money on this alliance. Now, let’s be clear. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a very good thing. […]

COMMENTARY: The divide between North and South Korea

Sure, sure, it’s probably true that Kim Jong Un wants to unify the Korean Peninsula under his rule. So did his grandfather. So did his father. None has come close. What is not so widely understood, however, is that the South Korean elites don’t want to unify with the North even under South Korean rule. […]

COMMENTARY: ‘Spygate’ provides some perplexing questions

No matter which side or what scenario you buy, we can lay this one at the feet of then-President Obama. Issue: the assignment, by the FBI, of an informant/spy to check on the Trump presidential campaign. President Trump calls it “Spygate.” Obama’s director of national security, James Clapper, says it is a good thing for […]

Barbara Bush’s priority was to her husband

Barbara Bush used to say that she thought her son, Jeb, was the most likely of their children to be a successful politician. That was then. This is now. I knew Barbara Bush back in the day. The Bush children, beginning with George W. and ending with Dorothy “Doro” ranged in age from early 20s […]

COMMENTARY: Double standards abound for young adults

Bad ideas abound, no doubt. But today we’ll consider four now percolating before the Delaware General Assembly. They are: •Legalizing recreational marijuana. •Lowering the blood-alcohol level for legal driving to .05 percent. •Raising the age for purchase of cigarettes to 21. •Raising the age for buying a rifle to 21. The original sin here, of […]