Commentary: U.S. failing to remember the lessons of past

Because of the recent permission granted by Trump to the Turkish autocracy that will allow/encourage a campaign of genocide against the Kurdish people, who have exhibited a courageous and determined willingness to fight the evils of terrorism, I felt obligated to revisit a past moment in my personal experience with Turkey’s history. In 2007 I […]

Commentary: Putting special interest over Delaware families

The American Chemistry Council is the well-funded and highly influential (with members of both parties in Delaware) special interest that has flown in professionals (hacks) from as far away as California to keep my bills banning flame retardants from mattresses and children’s products bottled up in committee twice in the last few years. Joined by […]

COMMENTARY: HB 460 would hurt the neediest of Delawareans

The usual suspects of corporate propagandists are at it again, disingenuously arguing for budget cuts under the guise of revenue stabilization. HB 460, supported by corporate lobbyists, is an attempt to pass a Grover Norquist conservative dream version of a “balanced budget amendment.” The proposed constitutional change would establish budgetary constraints to force the services […]

COMMENTARY: Warning: There is no budget surplus in Delaware

With the governor’s proposed budget scheduled to be unveiled today and in light of recent Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) reports purportedly showing an uptick in revenues, it is incumbent upon me, as an elected official, to alert the taxpaying public to the reality and complexity of Delaware’s economic situation. While increased revenue […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware school board legislation is a ‘travesty’

On occasion, legislation is written and offered that is so obviously misguided in its intentions and presents such an overt attempt to manipulate the legitimacy of the democratic voting process that it is incumbent upon me to expose it to the public. (“Process for removing local school board members proposed,” Delaware State News, Dec. 26) […]

COMMENTARY: Who’s responsible for decline in NAEP scores?

The NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) test is one of the most widely used, highly respected and proven (over decades) accurate assessments of education results. If this latest development doesn’t strike a warning chord in any of you who consider yourselves advocates for children and public education, then, I’m afraid it’s time for an […]