Commentary: Legalizing recreational marijuana creates consequences for our youth

I oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana. Proponents have made multiple arguments in favor of legalization, but none of these rationalizations justifies the impact increasing the availability of cannabis could have on Delaware’s children and young adults. I am deeply troubled over the ample evidence that marijuana use among juveniles undermines their health and academic […]

COMMENTARY: Driving down Delaware’s healthcare costs, improving outcomes

The cost of providing healthcare to state employees (including those in school districts and charters), retirees, other groups covered under the state’s plan and covered family members — approximately 122,000 people in all — is climbing at an alarming rate. Between fiscal years 2010 and 2015, healthcare costs for this group grew by 34 percent. […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware Expenditure Review Committee needs to be more open

Gov. Jack Markell was rightfully criticized earlier this year for creating a committee to examine the state’s revenue streams, but failing to initiate any similar panel to review state spending. I called for such a probe in April when I sponsored House Joint Resolution 3. My bill would have formed the Delaware Efficiency and Cost […]