Commentary: Delaware must do better with its correctional system

You have to know justice before you can provide justice. In other words: “No justice, if you don’t know justice.” And, when we know better, we’ll do better. After a couple of years of observation, investigation and advocating, I have reached the conclusion that the challenges and problems in the Delaware correctional system are directly […]

Commentary: Commitment to education must be worth investment

Each year, I meet with top high school students in my district and, each time, they ask for “life skill” instructions, including information on balancing a check book, taking out loans, and basic how-to skills. Each year, they indicate their desire for more career counseling and preparation, and each year they have no idea that […]

COMMENTARY: The high cost of emergency transport

“Warning! Fasten your seat belt! You are about to experience a bumpy ride and potential financial turbulence as a result of heroic efforts to save your life.” This is a call to action alert that Delawareans should be made aware of. Delaware has an excellent 9-1-1 and Emergency Medical System that we rely on 24 […]

COMMENTARY: Delaware opioid epidemic demands serious approach in General Assembly

At the close of 2016, state health and homeland security officials announced an alarming statistic that we, as policymakers, must tackle head-on in this new year. It’s one of those stats where growth is not viewed as a positive result. The number of overdose deaths involving fentanyl in Delaware more than doubled over 2015’s statistics, […]